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  1. The Incredibles is Pixar 's sixth feature film, released in 2004, an affectionately parodic Decon-Recon Switch of the Superhero genre, happily lampshading on many conventions. Its plot bears a resemblance to Watchmen, although the tone is nowhere near as dark.

  2. A character sheet for the Disney / Pixar franchise The Incredibles (the animated films The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 and related media). open/close all folders The Parr/Incredible Family In General Mr. Incredible Elastigirl Violet Dash Jack-Jack Superheroes Frozone Gazerbeam Voyd DEVTECH Supers Other Referenced Superheroes Other Characters

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  4. The Incredibles is a superhero animated media franchise by Pixar and Disney that started in 2004 with Brad Bird 's The Incredibles. Films The Incredibles (2004) Incredibles 2 (2018) Shorts Jack-Jack Attack (2005) Mr. Incredible and Pals (2005) Auntie Edna (2018) Comic Books The Incredibles: Family Matters (2009) The Incredibles (2009-2010)

  5. The Indestructibles The Indestructibles 5.6 The Indestructibles Storyline It is the stuff nightmares are made of: a skydiver loses his parachute and crashes into a high-voltage power line, a speeding car slams into a father holding his four month-old infant, and a giant wave knocks a man off a cliff and into an underwater cave .

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  6. Over the course of his heroic career, Mark, as the superhero Invincible, has fought aliens, joined super-teams and bounced from dimension to dimension. All the while, he has to deal with choosing a college, graduating high school and, of course, falling in love. Then his dad's species declares total war with the planet Earth.

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