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  1. Industrial Revolution. The period of greatly increased output of machine-made goods that began in England in the middle 1700s. One of the fenced-in or hedged-in fields created by wealthy British landowners on land that was formerly worked by village farmers. Nice work!

  2. Manufacturing based in homes rather than in a factory, commonly found before the Industrial Revolution. robert owen (1771-1858) British cotton manufacturer believed that humans would reveal their true natural goodness if they lived in a cooperative environment.

  3. Match. Gravity. The Industrial Revolution. Click card to see definition 👆. Tap card to see definition 👆. 1750-1900. Drastic change in the way goods are produced and work is completed. Switch from handmade goods, produced at home (Domestic System) to machine made goods outside home (Factory system) Click again to see term 👆.

  4. The Industrial Revolution changed material production, wealth, labor patterns and population distribution. Although many rural areas remained farming communities during this time, the lives of people in cities changed drastically. The new industrial labor opportunities caused a population shift from the countryside to the cities.

  5. Communism: a political philosophy that creates a classless society where everything is government-owned. During the Industrial power ______ power replaces animal & human power. Machines. The Industrial Revolution led to. An increase in production and a decrease in prices.

  6. Industrial Revolution. A period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production that began in the mid-1700's. Industrialism. an economic system built on large industries rather than on agriculture or craftsmanship. Farming changes during the Industrial Revolution.

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