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  1. " London Bridge Is Falling Down " (also known as " My Fair Lady " or " London Bridge ") is a traditional English nursery rhyme and singing game, which is found in different versions all over the world. It deals with the dilapidation of London Bridge and attempts, realistic or fanciful, to repair it.

    • c. 1744
    • Traditional
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  4. “London Bridge is Falling Down” is a traditional nursery rhyme with a wide variety of lyrics. The earliest surviving version in English is the one found in “Tommy Thumb’s Pretty Song Book”,...

  5. “London Bridge Is Falling Down” is a singing game and one of the most popular nursery rhymes, dating back to the 18th century England. It was first published in 1744 in the “Pretty Song Book” collection by Tommy Thumb.

  6. Jan 06, 2021 · London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady. Off to prison you must go, You must go, you must go; Off to prison you must go, My fair lady. While the tune of this classic nursery rhyme sounds playful and the game might appear innocent, there are some sinister theories about where it originated from — and what it’s really about.

  7. Jun 14, 2016 · Generations of parents have taught London Bridge is Falling Down to their children, who in turn taught it to theirs. Few have extended these teachings to the actual meaning behind the song. The most likely explanation for that is most people do not actually know the true meaning. However, several theories have been proposed down the centuries.

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