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  1. Newer and quicker guide: tale part 1 guide: Lost city quest guide walkthrough with live comm...

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  2. Old School RuneScape OSRS 2007 RS Lost City Quest Guide Walkthrough Playthrough HelpRemember to like and favorite, as well as subscribing to my channel if yo...

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    • Head to the forest south of Draynor until you find several characters gathered around a campfire. Several of them won't talk to you, however the Warrior will.
    • Directly west of the camp are a bunch of trees. Look for a tree that has the option "chop tree" instead of "chop down tree". When you attempt to chop it a leprechaun called Shamus will flee out of it.
    • Prepare yourself at Draynor bank for the fight with a level 101 spirit with no armor or weapon. Bring good food, runes, or jewelry to teleport. You could also bring a ring of recoil, or ring of life for protection, and you can afford one you could also take an amulet of strength or amulet of fury.
    • Head to Port Sarim and right-click and select the quick travel option to get to Entrana (you will be searched when you click this still). They will only take you to Entrana if you have no weapons or armour with you.
  3. 294K views 6 years ago. The Lost City quest unlocks access to the fairy city of Zanaris, as well as the ability to wield dragon longswords and daggers. Old School RuneScape. 2013.

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  4. Hey youtube, this is our second 2007 guide and we hope you enjoyed it!:Dfeed back will me appreciated, and any ideas on quest to do for you will be gladly ac...

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  5. Feb 24, 2023 · Lost City. Welcome to Lost City. Register a free account today to become a member! Once registered in, join the discord and link it to your account to be able to participate on this site and in the discord. Make sure to go over all information channels posted inside of the discord.

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