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  1. Sep 17, 2023 · Clan Events - MONTHLY CLAN LOTTO - LOOT + GOODIES - SEPTEMBER - Rank Transfers - Complete Donor List: - Announcing Custom Ranks for Achievement Celebrations!

    • Intro
    • Quest Recommendations
    • Getting to Entrana Cave
    • Lost City Boss Fight & Conclusion
    • Quest Rewards
    • Conclusion

    Atlantis. Machu Picchu. Quivira and the rest of the Seven Cities of Gold. In fiction and reality, there have been many lost cities throughout history. These cities lost to the passage of time, contain untold treasures for those who manage to find them. For those willing to risk diving down into these rabbit holes, the rewards are more than worth it...

    Level 13 Magic

    The boss fight with the Tree Spirit takes place on Entrana, so you won’t be able to bring traditional weapons. You can still take runes there and craft a battlestaff for yourself. Fire Strike may be a low-level spell, but it has a high max hit and is more than enough for dealing with the Tree Spirit.

    Celastrus Bark & Level 40 Fletching

    With level 40 Fletching, you can use a knife on Celastrus bark to fletch a battlestaff. If going down the Magic route, I highly recommend doing so. You can also use the battlestaff as a Melee weapon, but there’s no reason to put yourself at greater risk by getting up close and personal. You can purchase Celastrus bark on the Grand Exchange or obtain some from a Celastrus tree you planted in the Farming Guild if you have level 85 Farming. If you’re an Iron Man, the first method isn’t an option...

    Arrows, Bow String, & Unstrung Bow

    You cannot bring most weapons onto Entrana due to the pacifist monks living there. You can, however, take arrows with you. I never understood why. You can very well stab someone with an arrowhead. I guess because that’s not an attack option in Runescape. Anyway, bring along some arrows, a bow string, and an unstrung bow. Craft it when it’s time to fight the Tree Spirit. Level 30 Ranging and mithril arrows should be more than enough to deal with the Tree Spirit, thanks to the safe spots.

    Either run northwest towards Draynor Village or use your teleport option. Bank your axe and take out your food, potions, knife, and preferred means of attack. Run to Port Sarim and speak with one of the monks on the pier to take a boat to Entrana. If using a battlestaff or bow, do NOT craft them while on Entrana. Only do so when you’re down in the ...

    Get ready for a boss fight. Attempt to chop down the tree, and the Tree Spirit will pop out, telling you that you must defeat it before touching the Dramen tree. There are multiple safe spots in the cavern. My preferred one is south and slightly to the left of the Dramen tree. Plant yourself in the center of the three brown fungi. Plant yourself he...

    Completing Lost City will reward you with 3 Quest Points, access to Zanaris, the ability to craft Cosmic runes, and the ability to wield dragon daggers and longswords. While not listed as a quest reward, completing Lost City also gives you access to the Slayer master Chaeldar, who resides in Zanaris. Completion of Lost City is also a prerequisite t...

    The Lost City is a must-complete quest, especially for Iron Man accounts. The dragon dagger is as deadly as it is iconic, and getting access to one of the better spec weapons in OSRS ASAP is a good idea. The dragon longsword isn’t as good as it used to be, but it’s still a relatively powerful mid-level weapon. And Lost City is much easier to beat t...

  2. Sep 5, 2023 · Walkthrough. Speak to the Warrior north-west of Lumbridge Swamp. ( 1•1•1•2)…. Go north-west to the tree closest to the encampment and click on the tree with the chop option rather than chop down. Talk to Shamus. ( 1•1)…. Bank your axe. Bring items to make weapons or bows. Runes and food can be taken to Entrana.

  3. Mar 16, 2017 · The only exit will bring you to level 32 of the wilderness just north of the Boneyard. Go down the ladder and kill zombies (level 25) until you get a Bronze axe, then continue following the dungeon. Run past the Greater demons (lvl 92) into the room south of them. If you have a high combat level and plan on using melee on the spirit, you could ...

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  4. Sep 17, 2023 · An XP tracker for OSRS Hiscores. Track your personal experience gains, compare with others, and set high scores records!

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  6. 2 days ago · Speak to the Warrior north-west of Lumbridge Swamp. ( 1•1•1•2)… Go west and click on the tree with the chop option rather than chop-down. Talk to Shamus. ( 1)… Bank your axe and bring items to make weapons/bows/runes. Make sure to bank all weapons and armour (Ring of dueling for teleporting out is okay). Go to Port Sarim. Find some monks and go to Entrana. Cross to the northeast ...

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