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  1. Everything that Changed in Oldschool Runescape in 2021! [OSRS] 76,222 views Dec 24, 2021 1.5K Dislike Share Save FlippingOldschool 209K subscribers Install Raid for Free Mobile and PC:...

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  2. Lost City Quest Walkthrough OSRS. Jedthro. 16 subscribers. Subscribe. 7. Share. 465 views 10 months ago. Quest Guide for Lost City in OldSchool Runescape Show more. Show more.

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  3. › w › Lost_CityLost City - OSRS Wiki

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    Starting out

    Items required: A woodcutting axe. To start this quest, go towards the Lumbridge Swamp- by walking or teleporting to Draynor Village and going south-east. Go to the north-west edge of the swamp to find a Warrior, Archer, Wizard, and Monk standing around a campfire. Talk to the warrior, and ask, "What are you camped out here for?" He will let it slip that he is searching for Zanaris. Ask, "Who's Zanaris?", and then, "If it's hidden, how are you planning to find it?" Lastly, say, "Looks like yo...

    The island of Entrana

    Items required: A knife. Recommended: Runes, a teleport, Food, and a prayer potionif necessary. Monks of Entrana do not allow armour or weapons on Entrana, but you can take: 1. Items to make armour, such as a needle, thread, and dragonhide or leather 2. Some clothing options, such as H.A.M Robes and Full Graceful 3. Celastrus bark to make a Battlestaff 4. A knife and logs (or unstrung bow), and a bow string to make a bow 5. Arrows 6. Runes (for combat and teleports) 7. Potions 8. Food 9. Jewe...

    Finishing up

    Items required: Dramen staff Teleport out and go to the tool shed in the centre of Lumbridge Swamp, north-west of the Lumbridge Swamp training mine. A player can use Lumbridge Home Teleport for quick transportation. Wield the Dramen staff and enter the tool shed and you'll find yourself in Zanaris.

    3 Quest points
    Access to Zanaris
    Ability to buy and wield dragon longswords and dragon daggers (with level 60 Attack)
    Ability to make cosmic runes with the Runecraftskill

    Completion of Lost City is required for the following: 1. Fairytale I - Growing Pains 2. Heroes' Quest 3. Lunar Diplomacy 4. Freeing Sir Amik Varze 5. Lumbridge & Draynor Medium Diary 6. Lumbridge & Draynor Hard Diary 7. Slayer Master Chaeldar

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    On 15 June 2021, Jagex released a blog to announce changes being implemented onto the official Steam Client to match its general usability with the more popular third-party clients, such as RuneLite. These are typically features that are widely used on third-party clients as separate plugins, such as ground tile markers and on-screen infoboxes, as well as unique features, such as zooming the minimap.

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