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    The Lost Tribe is the first quest in the Dorgeshuun quest series. Sigmund, the advisor to the Duke ...

    The Lost Tribe (#81)
    31 May 2005 ( Update )
    31 May 2005 ( Update )
    Quest series
    Official difficulty
    • None
    • Medium
    • Intermediate
    • Talk to Sigmund in Lumbridge Castle.
  2. Pickpocket Sigmund and unlock his chest in the other room to find some HAM robes. Keep them for ...

    • None
    • Medium
    • Intermediate
    • Talk to Sigmund in Lumbridge Castle.
    • The 'Huge-Eyed' Goblin
    • Dorgeshuun
    • Finding The Lost Tribe
    • Sigmund's Treachery
    • Making Peace
    • Rewards
    • Achievements
    • Required For Completing
    • Trivia

    To start off, talk to Sigmund, who can be found on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Lumbridge Castle, in the Duke'sroom. Ask him if he has any quests for you, and he tells you that the Lumbridge cellar has, presently, a hole in one of its walls and that you should ask the people around for more information about its source. You must speak to the f...

    Skills required: 17 Mining to unblock the tunnel, and 13 Agilityto squeeze through. Go down the ladder in the kitchen and look for a blocked tunnel (named Rubble) and mine it. Make sure that your light source is illuminated, then squeeze through the tunnel. Walk a bit further inside and grab the broochlying on the floor near an intersection in the ...

    Go back to Lumbridge and talk to the duke. He will tell you to further investigate the caves for more clues. Go back into the tunnel. Go to the junction and you will find a 'symbol' on the rock. Read it and if for example, it says "Goblins of the East", go east. Repeat this at all of the junctions: read the symbols on the rocks, translate them with...

    When you tell the Duke about the Dorgeshuun and their offering for peace, he won't believe you because some silverware had recently been stolen from the castle basement and he surmises the goblins to be the culprits. Pickpocket Sigmund to get a key and unlock the chest located in the next room to find some H.A.M. robes; keep these, as you'll need i...

    Go back underground to Mistag. This time, you won't have to navigate through yourself because you'll see a new goblin named Kazgar. He will guide you through the mines, like Mistag earlier. Crossing the mine, talk to Mistag. He'll agree to escort the goblin leader, Ur-Tagto the Lumbridge Castle dining room, with you and Mistag as witnesses of the t...

    1 quest point
    3,000 experience
    A ring of life
    Access to the Dorgesh-Kaan mines

    The Lost Tribe is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: 1. Death to the Dorgeshuun 2. Wanted!

    If you are partially through Recipe for Disaster when you complete this quest, you will automatically be forced to leave the Lumbridge dining room. The guests, Aris, and the Culinaromancerre-appear...
    If you have completed Dragon Slayer, Sigmund will use that to help persuade Duke Horacio to allow the investigation.
    • Yes
    • 31 May 2005 ( Update )
    • Intermediate
    • No
    • Talk to Sigmund and you will learn of a hole in the wall being formed in the Castle Cellar. Sigmund requests that you inspect around the town and talk to the villagers to learn more of what happened to the Cellar.
    • Go outside and speak with either Hans, Cook, Bob, or Father Aereck. They are scattered around Lumbridge.
    • One of them will tell you about what happened to the Cellar. He says a goblin-like creature with buldging eyes broke through the wall. Go back upstairs and speak with Sigmund and the Duke of Lumbridge.
    • Speak with the Duke and Sigmund and they will request of you to investigate the hole in the Cellar. For this task bring a Pickaxe, Food, Teleportation Runes, and a Lamp/Lantern of some sort.
    • None
    • Intermediate
    • Medium
    • 3 min
    • Talk to Sigmund. ( 1)
    • Ask the Duke, Cook, Hans, Father Aereck, Donie, and Bob about what happened in the cellar. One will mention a goblin in the basement.
    • Talk to Sigmund again, then the duke.
    • Use your pickaxe on the rubble in the basement and climb through the hole.
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  4. Grab your light source and return to Lumbridge Castle and climb down the trapdoor in the kitchen. Squeeze through the hole in the wall you mined earlier. Run through the castle cellar cave (pictured right). Use the goblin bow emote near Mistag.

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