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      • The Muppets Take Manhattan is the third in a series of feature films starring the Muppets. It was the first film solely directed by Frank Oz, who also performs Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Animal in the film. The film introduced the Muppet Babies (toddler versions of the Muppet characters in a flashback/dream sequence).
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  2. The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) - IMDb › title › tt0087755

    Jul 13, 1984 · The Muppets Take Manhattan ( 1984) The Muppets Take Manhattan. G | 1h 34min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | 13 July 1984 (USA) 0:41 | Trailer. 1 VIDEO | 137 IMAGES. Video vi116850969. Kermit and his friends go to New York City to get their musical on Broadway only to find it's a more difficult task than they anticipated.

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    • Frank Oz
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    • 41 sec
  3. Watch The Muppets Take Manhattan | Prime Video › Muppets-Take-Manhattan-Jim-Henson

    The Muppets Take Manhattan. (676) IMDb 6.9 1h 34min 1984 X-Ray G. The Muppets go for broke in the Big Apple when they take their musical "Manhattan Melodies" to Broadway.

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  4. The Muppets Take Manhattan: Juliana Donald, Lonny ... › Muppets-Take-Manhattan-Juliana

    Broadway bound, the Muppets take Manhattan by storm in this magical musical about breaking into show business! Fresh out of college, Kermit, Fozzie and the entire cast of Kermit’s musical “Manhattan Melodies” head for the Big Apple with plans to turn their small play into a big hit! All they need now is someone to produce their show!

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  5. Watch The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) Movie Online: Full ... › movies › the-muppets-take-manhattan

    THE MUPPETS® TAKE MANHATTAN by storm in this magical musical about breaking into show business! Fresh out of college, KermitFozzie® and the entire cast of Kermit's musical "Manhattan Melodies"...

    • Frank Oz, Paul Eads, W. Steven Graham
    • James Coco
  6. The Muppets Take Manhattan - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Muppets_Take_Manhattan

    The Muppets Take Manhattan is a 1984 American musical comedy film directed by Frank Oz.It is the third theatrical film in The Muppets franchise.It features special appearances by Art Carney, James Coco, Dabney Coleman, Gregory Hines, Linda Lavin, and Joan Rivers.

    • $8 million
    • July 13, 1984
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    As the film opens, Kermit the Frog and ten of his friends are graduating from Danhurst College and are performing in a variety show on campus. Instead of splitting up and going their separate ways after graduation, the gang decides to try to take their act to New York and try to make it on Broadway. Kermit and the others are so confident in the show that they anticipate becoming instant stars, but as the months pass and their funds run dry, they are forced to go their separate ways and find j...

    1. The teaser trailer for the film was composed entirely of footage created independently of the film. A breathless announcer describes the excitement and spectacle of Broadway and the many hopefuls who come to New York seeking stardom. Kermit and Miss Piggy only appear briefly at the end of the trailer. 2. The film's title references the 1925 song \\"Manhattan,\\" by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers, with its lyric \\"I'll take Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island too.\\" The Muppets popularized...

    The film was originally released by Tri-Star Pictures. Unlike the films that preceded it (The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and The Dark Crystal), this film was not produced by ITC, so the rights did not eventually go back to the Henson company. The movie was, like the previous Henson films, first released on video by CBS/Fox Home Video (in 1985 and again in 1991), and has been re-released several times on VHS and DVD by Columbia TriStar (later Sony Pictures Home Entertainment). Disne...

    1. The 1999 video release has a number of audio edits. The music played during the \\"Tristar Pictures\\" logo sequence is omitted, as are a few times when Animal yells \\"Bad man!\\" at Dabney Coleman. The 2001 DVD and Blu-ray releases don't have these edits. 2. When the film aired on The Hub, the Muppets bowing down after the Together Again number, the scene with Joan Rivers and the \\"Rat Scat (Something's Cookin')\\" number are edited out. When it aired on ABC Family in January 2014, only the former...

    1. The Muppets Take Manhattan (video) 2. The Muppets Take Manhattan (soundtrack) 3. The Muppets Take Manhattan (book and audio) 4. The Muppets Take Manhattan (comic book)

    1. Executive Producer: Jim Henson 2. Producer: David Lazer 3. Cinematography: Robert Paynter, B.S.C. 4. Production designer: Stephen Hendrickson 5. Costume Design: Karen Roston, Calista Hendrickson, Polly Smith 6. Special consultant: David Misch 7. Choreographer: Chris Chadman 8. Muppet Design & Construction: Caroly Wilcox, Tim Miller, Edward C. Christie, Jan Rosenthal, Fred Buchholz, Marian Keating, Bob Flanagan, Maria McNamara, Janet Delvoye, Lauren Antinello, Robin Kusten, Cheryl Blalock,...

    1. ↑ Misch, David Tough Pigs interview with David Misch 2. ↑ Cincinnati Magazine: Showbiz: Of Muppets and Puppets 3. ↑ “A Conversation with Frank Oz” at the Museum of Moving Images, recounted at 4. ↑ The Sun, Vancouver B.C., page B9, July 10, 1984, from Baltimore Evening Sun 5. ↑ 5.0 5.1 photographic evidence 6. ↑ Jeffrey Breslauer - Acting Resume (archived) 7. ↑ Jarmulowski, Vicki. \\"Puppet Power.\\" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Nov 28, 1983 8. ↑ Gabriel Ve...

  8. The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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