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  1. The Odds: With Emily Swallow, Donald Faison, Sarah Jane Morris, Sullivan Stapleton. A couple of Las Vegas police officers live a life almost as wild as the crimes they investigate. Menu

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  2. Pilot: Directed by Josh Davidson. With Jessica Denney, Joshua Kahn, Devin Kirby-Hansen, Anthony Natarelli. Bryan Ryan is an aspiring comic-book artist who finds himself among a group of "odds" who are obliged to protect him.

  3. May 24, 2018 · Odds Are Your Pilot Isn’t Getting Ordered. Restaurants carry a reputation of being a risky business, with the running assumption that half fail after the first year, and of the remaining half another half will fail in the next five years. Television is worse: approximately 90% of shows fail.

  4. May 14, 2015 · If you simply want to play the odds, you’re no doubt already working on your sitcom, and it’s probably”‘like Big Bang but with hotter chicks” or “like Breaking Bad but with cocaine.”. Personally, I think the film or TV choice is slightly more complex than that. As humans, we each have natural tendencies.

  5. Here's the Pilot Episode of the Game Show of Beat The Odds. From 1975. That never got picked up.

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  6. TV Pilots/Development Scorecard. Follow all of the development action during upfront season with Variety Insight’s up-to-the-minute listings of pilot and series orders. The network-by-network ...

  7. When it goes back into combat with a backup, one pilot asks their chances of winning. The response: "You'll fight much better if you don't know." Inverted in Eyeshield 21 , where not only does everyone want to know the odds, at one point Hiruma reminds the team that 99% chance of winning is still 1% chance of losing.

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