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  1. "The Painted Skin" (Chinese: 畫皮; pinyin: Huàpí) is a short story by the Chinese writer Pu Songling collected in Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio in 1740. Literary critics have recognised it as one of the best and best-known entries in Strange Tales ; in particular, its textual detail and in-depth characterisation are lauded.

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  2. Painted Skin. Once upon a time, a man named Wang was walking outside when he spotted a beautiful maiden walking by herself. Quickening his pace, he caught up her and asked why no one was accompanying her. “I have run away from home,” the maiden said. She was carrying a bundle.

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    Once in Taiyuan there was a scholar called Wang (王). In an early morning, he met a girl on the road who had been sold to a rich family by her parents. She could not stand the abuse of the wife of the rich and flee. The scholar agreed to give her refuge, let her stayed in his studio in secret, and slept with her. Suspecting that the girl could have been a concubine in the rich family, Wang's wife asked him to send the girl away without success. One day, Wang encountered a Taoist priest in ...

    Film adaptations Painted Skin (2008) In the desert, General Wang Sheng and his men attack a Xiongnu camp, where Wang chances upon a maiden called "Xiaowei" and brings her home. Xiaowei is actually a fox spirit who feasts on human hearts to maintain her lovely and youthful appearance. Trouble brews when Xiaowei falls in love with Wang, who already has a wife, Peirong. Another love triangle is also present, with the members being Wang Sheng, Peirong and Pang Yong. Pang Yong is a former general in...

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  3. Feb 16, 2019 · Painted Skin. In the Tang dynasty, China, sometime between AD 785 and 855, a man named Shen Wang lived with his wife and son at a bungalow in the west side of the Capital, Chang’an. Wang was a philanthropy-minded person. He planted a large area of elms and built several thatched huts to shelter passing travelers from the wind, rain, and sun.

  4. Apr 29, 2016 · Wang peeks inside a window, and freezes when he sees a hideous creature, stretching out a canvas of human skin and painting it. The demon proceeds to wrap the skin around itself and lo and behold, it’s the girl! Wang is fraught with fear, and runs to find the priest, apologizing profusely at his feet and asking for help.

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  6. Start your review of Story 12: The Painted Skin. Write a review. Dec 10, 2018 Michael Kress rated it really liked it. Shelves: 1700s. This review has been hidden ...

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