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  1. Sep 13, 2019 · Directed by David Trainer. With Ashton Kutcher, Elisha Cuthbert, Sam Elliott, Dax Shepard. Colt has to make a stand. Beau, Colt and Luke hear Mary's ex is back in town and decide to visit him, packing heat.

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    The ranch's dwindling finances drive a wedge between Beau and the boys, and Colt goes behind his father's back to ask Maggie for help. ... 10. Perfect Storm 29m. Colt ...

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    • April 1, 2016
  3. The Ranch - Season 7 Episode 10: Perfect Storm - Metacritic

    Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Perfect Storm, While on a trip to New Mexico, Beau and his boys rekindle their relationship. At home, Abby crosses paths with Nick and Mary....

  4. The Ranch - Season 7, Episode 10: Perfect Storm -

    Sep 13, 2019 · Watch The Ranch - Season 7, Episode 10 - Perfect Storm: While on a trip to New Mexico, Beau and his boys rekindle their relationship. At home, Abby crosses paths with Nick and ...

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  5. Abby Phillips | The Ranch Wiki | Fandom

    " Perfect Storm " Abigail "Abby" Phillips is a recurring character in the Netflix Original sitcom series, The Ranch. She is a teacher at Garrison High School.

  6. ‘The Ranch’ Ending Explained — Ashton Kutcher On Why There’s ...

    Feb 04, 2020 · 'The Ranch' ending explained: Ashton Kutcher reveals why there's no Part 9 in new interview, suggests 'Two and a Half Men' ran too long.

  7. The Ranch Part 8 ending explained: How does the final season end?

    Jan 29, 2020 · The Ranch ends as the longest-running Netflix comedy with a total of 80 episodes. Overall, The Ranch probably ended in the best way it could. There were a few ways that the show could have ended ...

  8. How Did ‘The Ranch’ End? | Decider

    Jan 24, 2020 · Wild and strange are two perfect adjectives to describe The Ranch, which wrapped up its four season run today as the final ten episodes dropped on Netflix.

  9. Colt Bennett | The Ranch Wiki | Fandom
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    During his high school years he was a great Football player and up to this day is the most famous player in the city of Garrison. Despite this, his professional career as a football player consisted in failures after failures mostly due to his irresponsible actions like tackling the team mascot or drinking during the games which lead to Colt being eventually cut off of every team he made it into. Initially, he has a complicated relationship with his father, where it is implied that the major conflict was established when Colt decided to leave the Ranch and follow his dream to become a professional football player. As the series progresses, Colt starts getting along better with his father and brother. The family has faults but in the end, they all work it all out. Colt is shown to be slightly intelligent, because of him being in 5th grade for two years and of the math skills that made him the laughing jokes of Beau and Rooster.

    Abby Phillips

    Colt and Abby were high school sweethearts and were together for all four years. When Colt comes back home Abby has a boyfriend named Kenny. Both struggle for their feelings for each other for different reasons. But, they do get back together after a long wait. At the end of season 2 Colt goes to Abby preparing his marriage proposal, but does not propose after finding out his previous girlfriend Heather became pregnant after hooking up with Colt prior to his new relationship with Abby.

    ↑ Deadline — "Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson To Star In Netflix Series From ‘2.5 Men’ Duo"(June 17, 2015)

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