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  2. RocknRolla 2 Updates: Is It Happening? | Screen Rant

    Dec 28, 2019 · Due to Guy Ritchie following RocknRolla with the Sherlock Holmes movies and The Man From U.N.C.L.E, he became too busy to focus on The Real RocknRolla. The modest $30 million worldwide gross of the first movie probably played a role in the RocknRolla sequel being put on a backburner too. RocknRolla 2 (Probably) Won't Happen

  3. Sequels: 'RockNRolla 2,' 'Ghost Rider' Tanks Early Screening ...

    Truth is, ever since RockNRolla came out, there had been talk of a sequel, including the title card at the end of the movie which proclaimed that, "Johnny, Archy and the Wild Bunch will be back in The Real RockNRolla."

    • Derrick Deane
  4. Guy RitchieSays RocknRolla2 Is Ready To GoRocknRolla, you may have seen it but likely you haven't. It's a Guy Ritchiefilm from 2008 that was a turning point for the director. Rolling out in limited release, it wasn't seen by many but after bombs like Swept Awayand Revolver, Ritchie needed a hit. Luckily, RocknRolladid fairly well with critics.

  5. RockNrolla 2 Release date & trailer HD - Release Date Story

    May 16, 2018 · RockNrolla - This is a criminal comedy, in Guy Ritchie's plans was to shoot the trilogy, if the viewer liked the first film. The director even said that he has a script ready for the movie RockNrolla 2, but due to problems with funding the shooting was never started.

  6. Guy Ritchie Says RocknRolla 2 Is Ready To Go

    Sequel talk started shortly after RocknRolla was released, but unfortunately, nothing concrete has surfaced. Until now, that is. Until now, that is. RocknRolla Gallery

  7. Guy Ritchie Says ‘RockNRolla’ Sequel Script Ready To Go, Just ...

    Dec 12, 2011 · Ever since “RockNRolla” came out, there has been sequel talk, with the film ending with a title card stating: “Johnny, Archy and the Wild Bunch will be back in The Real RocknRolla.” And even on the...

  8. Is there going to be a RocknRolla 2? - Quora

    Aug 20, 2019 · Yes. Guy Ritche said back in 2011 "I’ve written a script" and he also said "Joel wants to pay for me to do it" Film producer Joel Silver has a net worth of more than $300 million as of 2016 which means he can easily write a $75 million check to ma...

  9. RocknRolla - Wikipedia

    Newton revealed that Ritchie stated that he hopes to extend RocknRolla into a trilogy, in the event that the film receives enough positive attention. At the end of the film there is a title card stating "Johnny, Archy and the Wild Bunch will be back in The Real RocknRolla".

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