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  1. did anyone see the reaping? Ending question? | Yahoo Answers

    Nov 10, 2007 · It is now that it becomes completely clear to her. Her dream of having sex with Doug was not a dream (seen earlier in the movie), and she is pregnant with the prophesized demonic child that everyone believed the little girl to be in the beginning of the film. It could very well mean an opening for a sequel, but I doubt one will occur.

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    May 11, 2009 · I just watched the movie and I loved it- but can someone just give me a brief synopsis of it? I just want to make sure that I understand it completely. I am a little confused- was the girl really possessed by the devil and then he just suddenly left her, or was the devil that creepy guy that got her pregnant?? Could someone please just clear things up for me a little?

  3. The Reaping is a simple story about a woman with lost faith who is forced to confront an age-old cult and all the plot conveniences and contrivances that come along with that. It fails to capitalize on its potential, thus failing to make this anything more worthy than a rainy day rental. 4/10

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  5. The Reaping Movie Review - Common Sense Media

    Parents need to know that this ominous, religious-themed thriller has lots of violent scenes, many involving children. Images include a river of blood, dead fish and frogs (some beset by maggots and flies), dead children's bodies and bones, a rape scene (cut into close ups and made confusing because the victim is drugged), the ritual sacrifice of children, scary shadows in creaky houses, faces ...

    • Cynthia Fuchs
  6. Movie Review: The Reaping (2007) - The Critical Movie Critics

    Movie review of The Reaping (2007) by The Critical Movie Critics | The Biblical plagues have come to a small Louisiana town and Hilary Swank investigates.

    • Stephen Hopkins
    • R
    • Annasophia Robb
  7. The Reaping Reviews - Metacritic

    I actually Liked this movie, but can see why it got a low rating. It takes you on an apocalyptic joyride counting down the 10 plagues hitting a town called Haven. As the movie centers on a young girl who the townspeople are bent on blaming. The movie has its scary moments, and does not

  8. Critics Consensus It may feature such accomplished actors as Hilary Swank and Stephen Rea, but The Reaping also boasts the apropos tagline "What hath God wrought?" It's schlocky, spiritually...

    • (134)
    • mystery and thriller, horror
    • R
  9. The Reaping (2007) - IMDb

    Apr 05, 2007 · "The Reaping" has virtually no scares (unless you count the score's crescendo accented with a screech as scary) and even lesser sense. Honestly, I have more fun watching National Geographic's "Is It Real?" series.

  10. The Reaping - Wikipedia

    The aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes gives the film an approval rating of 8% based on 134 reviews, and an average rating of 3.49/10, with the consensus stating: "It may feature such accomplished actors as Hilary Swank and Stephen Rea, but The Reaping also boasts the apropos tagline "What hath God wrought?". It's schlocky, spiritually shallow, and scare-free."

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