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  1. Nov 04, 2022 · The Incredible Hulk was a major TV hit during its stint on the airwaves, and creator Kenneth Johnson hasn’t exactly been thrilled with the subsequent outings for the scientist-turned-superhero ...

  2. Nov 10, 2022 · The first approach is to take in all of the stories in the order in which they were released in theaters, a.k.a. Release Order, and the second is to watch all the movies based on Marvel's official ...

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  3. Nov 24, 2022 · 3 things. 1- My childhood won't let me hate this...and I'm glad for that :D 2- The costume on Daredevil looks just fine and could've been much worse. 3- I really do hope like crazy at some point all of you get together again and review the failed pilot for Generation X from 1996.It may be bad but it's another guilty pleasure of mine lol.

  4. Nov 20, 2022 · First, we look at The Return of the Incredible Hulk from 1988. In this TV movie, Thor appears in the same universe as the TV show, but this isn’t the Thor that we all know and love. Then, Greg and Chico watch the first two episodes of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” the latest Star Wars series on Disney+.

  5. Nov 12, 2022 · After years of ignoring the events of The Incredible Hulk, which starred Edward Norton and not Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, the MCU revisited its first and so far only Hulk movie two times during Phase 4. The first was in Marvel’s What If…? season 1, episode 3, “What If…The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?"

  6. Nov 03, 2022 · Lyn Francisco | August 17, 2022. For those wanting Hulk to have his own solo movie in the MCU, there is a glimmer of hope that this can happen come 2023. Marvel Studios have been telling the story of Bruce Banner aka Hulk over several movies. However, there is not a single film or series inside the Universe 616 that focused only on the Hulk.

  7. Nov 03, 2022 · The Incredible Hulk (2008) The Incredible Hulk is one of the most iconic characters ever committed to print. He made his debut all the way back in issue one of The Incredible Hulk in May of 1962 after being created by the late Stan Lee. Since then, he has proven to be a huge character for Marvel, both literally and figuratively, going on to ...

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