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    The Sacketts / Cast. Sam Elliott. Tell Sackett. Tom Selleck. Orrin Sackett. Jeff Osterhage. Tyrel Sackett. Glenn Ford. Tom Sunday. Ben Johnson (actor) Cap Rountree ...

  3. L. Q. Jones : Movies - CinemaOne › actor › 8262

    The Sacketts is a 1979 American Western television film directed by Robert Totten and starring Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, Jeff Osterhage, and Glenn Ford. Based on the novels The Daybreakers and Sackett by Louis L'Amour, the film recounts the story of the Sackett brothers in 1869 who leave their Tennessee home and start a new life together in ...

  4. Tombstone Cast - Part 2: More on 1993's film Actors ... › tombstone-cast-part2

    The Tombstone Cast Part 2 of the 1993 Tombstone movie continues with the smaller roles and the background people in the film. Even though the major stars get all the glory, when you stay on for the final credits, the film couldn't be made without these people.

  5. Ruth Roman : Movies - CinemaOne › actor › 12498

    Ruth Roman (December 22, 1922 – September 9, 1999) was an American actress, principally appearing in dramas including the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Strangers on a Train (1951).

  6. ERBzine 1557: High Brow III by R. E. Prindle › mag15 › 1557

    Marcia has a fairly large cast of Jews. Abe Finkel and Max Heimer, both early bi-coastals. And their was Judge Berlanger the attorney from New York. Jews are also discussed by Della Maxwell and the Sacketts. Della is especially caustic. The immigrant scene was in a state of rapid transition.

  7. Paperback Warrior: 2020 › 2020

    The arrival of the train carrying Nick and the violent confrontation thereafter are pure gold. The cast of vivid supporting characters is also top-notch. Overall, The Hottest Fourth of July in the History of Hangtree County is a perfect winner, if you like your westerns told through the prism of a hardboiled vendetta story.

  8. How Girl Power Is Ruining Western Culture – Return Of Kings › 115428 › how-girl-power-is

    Girl power is the feminist message that whatever boys can do, girls can do better. The idea is that women are underrepresented among the ranks of corporate CEOs, soldiers, and scientists because they were oppressed by the patriarchy while growing up.

  9. Jeff Arnold's West: Cimarron Strip (CBS TV, 1967-8) › 2015 › 06

    Jun 15, 2015 · Directed by TV Western director Robert Butler, who also did The Judgement, written by story consultant Dan Ullman, who started as uncredited ‘other crew’ on a Randolph Scott oater in 1948 and first wrote a Western – for Don ‘Red’ Barry – in 1949, it aired first on February 29, 1968, as the penultimate episode.

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    Subscribe to Read Articles from May 1979 Part 2. Steel Output Up Last Week; Dollar Closes Mixed; Shipping/Mails; Advertising; Y.&R. Quits In a Rift With Bristol

  11. The Last Chance Of Freedom: May 2012 › 2012 › 05

    May 05, 2012 · The Sacketts pointed out that the land was adjacent to other vacation homes and came with a sewer hookup. The EPA said that the couple was building on protected wetlands and that they couldn’t challenge that determination in court until much later, possibly after large fines accrued.

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