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      • The Turin Shroud is traditionally considered to be the burial cloth in which the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped after his death approximately 2000 years ago. Here, we report the main findings from the analysis of genomic DNA extracted from dust particles vacuumed from parts of the body image and the lateral edge used for radiocarbon dating.
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  2. Oct 23, 2015 · A new analysis of DNA from the Shroud of Turin reveals that people from all over the world have touched the venerated garment. "Individuals from different ethnic groups and geographical locations...

  3. Jul 15, 2021 · It is interesting to note where they traced the oldest snippets of DNA on the Shroud of Turin from. The findings suggest that they had lineages found only in India. That piece of information came as a surprise. This suggests that the fabric was originally made in India. Somehow, it found itself in Europe.

  4. Jan 19, 2015 · Do DNA tests prove Jesus had two human parents? Recently the Shroud of Turin has been re-dated within the range of 300 BC to 300 AD. As a result the blood found on the Shroud was type AB, and had both X and Y chromosomes.

  5. degraded DNA samples much more feasible than previously imagined. Human DNA has been isolated from the Shroud of Turin, although the results remain rather limited and controversial. Indeed, it is unknown if such DNA truly originates from blood cells present on the cloth or is the result of contamination from exogenous sources.

  6. Jul 19, 2017 · Blood Discovered On The Shroud Of Turin Strand Of Jesus’ DNA Can Be Found – Researchers Say. - The Shroud of Turin is one of the most controversial Christian relics.

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