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  1. The Smurfs 2 Movie Poster (#1 of 21) - IMP Awards

    Official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 21) for The Smurfs 2 (2013). Directed by Raja Gosnell. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, Katy Perry, Hank Azaria

  2. The Smurfs 2 Movie Poster (#9 of 21) - IMP Awards

    High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#9 of 21) for The Smurfs 2 (2013). Image dimensions: 1382 x 2048. Directed by Raja Gosnell. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, Katy Perry, Hank Azaria

  3. Imps | Smurfs Wiki | Fandom

    In "Smurf A Mile In My Shoes"; an imp simply known as The Cursed Imp (because he was not given a name of any kind during the time of his appearance) was once a handsome round-eared imp who had been transformed by the Sea Witch into an ugly cursed form due to his mischievous ways. Before he was cursed, he would play pranks on anyone, including other imps, but he changed his ways after being cursed and would devote his life to making friends after being freed.

  4. The Treasure Hunter Imp | Smurfs Wiki | Fandom

    The Treasure Hunter Imp is an unnamed character from the episode " Smurfette's Dancing Shoes " who sought to gain the treasure of the trolls, but had to marry a fair maiden with a pure heart (or collect a number of items, which he tricked the Smurfs into doing so to free Smurfette) in order to do so. Appearing unto Smurfette, he offered her a pair of magical dancing shoes that would allow her to dance gracefully.

    • Real name unknown
    • Male
    • Season 1 (single episode)
    • Treasure hunter
  5. The wizard points directly at the imp and shoots from his finger as beam, causing the imp to disappear and appear at the old mine, where Glovey is seen coming. The apparition of the wizard appears to the imp.

  6. Imps | Smurfs Fanon Wiki | Fandom

    Comments Share. Imps are humanoid beings of various sizes and appearances, some of which possess magical powers that they use for their own purposes. They are often associated with goblins because they have a reputation for being mischievous. They resemble short humans with pointy ears, although a few rare imps may have rounded ears like a human. The most common skin color amongst imps is green, although some may share the same skin colors as humans.

  7. The Cursed Imp | Smurfs Wiki | Fandom

    This nameless imp resembles Jokey Smurf: he loves playing pranks on others and has a rather odd sense of humor. His fun ended one day when he made fun of the Sea Witch and she cast a spell on him that made him into a creature as hideous as her.

  8. The Treasure Hunter Imp | Smurfs Fanon Wiki | Fandom

    In the forest, the Treasure Hunter Imp arrives to the scene and kidnaps Smurfette and knocks down Glovey, making him believe that he is dead. Glovey wakes up later and runs to go save Smurfette. Glovey has a fight with the Imp in an old mine. The Imp escapes, and Glovey uses a mine cart to find the imp's castle.

  9. The Smurfs (TV series) - Wikipedia

    The Smurfs and the Magic Flute has been released, but in a new 'Original Collector's Edition' with new packaging released on 2 September 2011. The Smurfs – Time Travellers (3 Disc Set) was released on 5 November 2008. The Smurfs – Smurfette Collection (3 Disc Set) was released on 1 September 2009.

  10. Smurf Me Up (Series) | Smurfs Fanon Wiki | Fandom
    • Opening Introduction
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    First Intro Sequence - Used from The Gloved Smurf episode, through the Seasons Eatingsepisode. A spotlight is lit on Glovey Smurf. He appears walking from the darkness wearing the clothes he wore when he first arrived to the village. He snaps his fingers, turning the light on and off. After the light turns back on, he is seen wearing his iconic hat and jacket. The Smurfs theme begins playing as he moonwalks and performs a spin. As he spins, he spins the whole screen with him and a new one appears with All the Smurfs doing the circle dance in the village. A first person view is seen watching Smurfette winking. Papa Smurf and Grandpa are seen waving. The Smurflings appear running in circles around the screen. The background turns into a night scene as it zooms out, revealing Glovey Smurf, who looks up at a shooting star while the music fades slowly. A dark screen appears for a brief moment as the music dims. The Music resumes again as Glovey appears in his enchanted Smurf form glowing...

    The animation style for this series is that of The Smurfs/Smurfs' Adventures series and The Smurfs and the Magic Flutefilm.

    The soundtrack used throughout the series is also the same that of The Smurfs/Smurfs' Adventures series and The Smurfs and the Magic Flutefilm. It also features officially licensed songs used as background music or covered by characters.

    French: Faites-moi Schtroumpf
    Spanish: Hazme Pitufo
    German: Machen Mich Schlumpf
    Italian: Rendimi Puffo
    Dutch: Maak Me Smurf

    Season 1

    1. The Gloved Smurf 2. GNAP! 3. The Treasure Hunter Imp 4. The Color Smurfette 5. The Triforce 6. The Great Palace 7. Seasons Eatings

    Season 2

    1. Defying The Gods 2. Naughty Naughty 3. The Smurf Piper 4. Army Of Grey 5. The Red Mist 6. Kingdom Come 7. The Dance of Dreams - Under progress 8. Titanic 9. Blue Rose For Baba 10. City of Dis - Near completion 11. The Arabian Knights - Under progress 12. The Real Glovey Smurf - Under progress 13. Smurf Criminal 14. Farewell Glovey Smurf - Under progress 15. The Un-holy Trinity - Under progress

    Season 3

    1. The Lost Village - Under progress... 2. Revelations - Under progress... 3. The Puppet Master - Coming soon... 4. Good Wiz Hunting - Coming soon... 5. Return Of Glovey Smurf - Coming soon...

    1400s-1500s 1. Gargamel chases the Smurfs 2. Gargamel creates the Smurfette 3. The Smurfs get lost in time 4. The Smurfs return to the present 5. The Gloved Smurf Arrives 6. Glovey and Smurfette's Wedding 7. Birth of Angelo Smurf 8. The Grey Smurfs attack the Smurfs' Village 9. Clumsy and Claire's Wedding 10. Glovey Smurf knighted 11. Glovey and Smurfette's honeymoon 12. The Way You Make Me Feel concert 13. Glovey Smurf Vs. The Citizens Of Dreadful Hollow 14. "Death" of Glovey Smurf 15. The end of the Sunwalkers race 16. The Baals take over the Cursed Country 17. Birth of Empath Smurf 18. Hell's Angels organization is born, a phantom of the former Sunwalkers 19. Floating child and Man on Fire captured by the Baals 20. Wartmongers take over Belgian Smurfs' forest 21. Wartmongers capture Zowfee 22. Smurf Village destroyed via nuclear bomb. 23. Glovey Smurf wakes up from 10 year coma and disappears 24. Anastesiustakes command of Hell's Angels 25. Sniper Jingdefects to Hell's Angels 26....

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