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  1. Top 10 Best Songs of All Time 1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen It's one of the greatest songs ever made, totally captivating lyrically and extremely... 2 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin The poetic storytelling nature of Robert Plant's lyrics combined with Jimmy Page's... 3 Imagine - John Lennon Hey ...

  2. These are the songs that made generation after generation tear up the dance floor. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ...

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    Lastly, we finish with another cover song done beautifully by Whitney Houston. Her famously true and stunningly beautiful voice will put goose bumps on anyones arms when they listen to her rendition of I Will Always Love You.

    Whitney Houstons cover of the song was released in 1992; however the original was by Dolly Parton released on June 6 of 1974. According to Dolly Parton herself, the song was about Porter Wagoner, her ex-partner. Apparently the song described in her words how a woman will still love a man and how despite the relationship disintegrating, that there is no anger, hatred, and turmoil between the two.

    Michael Jackson is perhaps one of the most iconic and famous individuals in the music industry and released a number of major hits throughout his career. Songs such as Thriller and Beat It were definitely close options for number eight on our list; however Billie Jean just had to be featured.

    Officially released on January 2, 1983, Billie Jean was a song that Michael Jackson claimed he wrote for the female fans of his and didnt represent just one girl, but many of them. He talked about how female groupies would try and have relations with the band members and how later they would all claim to have children sired by them. Michael himself had a horrifying experience with a female groupie so this song definitely had some personal meaning to him when it was released.

    Straying away from the rock and hard rock, we have Push It a hip hop, synthpop type song released back in 1987 by Salt-n-Pepa. Thanks to this catchy single, the album ??Hot, Cool & Vicious reached platinum sales making Salt-n-Pepa the first female rap group to do so!

    Officially released on October 3, 1987, Welcome to the Jungle was actually part of Guns N Roses first ever album titled Appetite for Destruction. This fantastic single was slightly overshadowed at first by Knockin on Heavens Door, however it got its dues in time and is now considered the greatest hard rock song ever!

    The history behind the song, unlike many others, is actually quite simple. It is an interpretation of Axls view on a city and how he felt. Once the idea began to form the band got together and began working on it compiling old riffs played a while back with new until Welcome to the Jungle was completed.

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    • The Twist - 1960. Chubby Checker. The only song to rule the Billboard Hot 100in separate release cycles (one week in 1960, two in 1962), thanks to adults catching on to the song and its namesake dance after younger audiences popularized them.
    • Smooth - 1999. SantanaFeat. Rob Thomas.
    • Mack the Knife - 1959. Bobby Darin. “I love that eternally cool feel,” says Warren. “It’s a nostalgic thing: It brings me back to the songs my older sisters and my parents would play.
    • Uptown Funk! - 2015. Mark RonsonFeat. Bruno Mars.
    • Sammy Said
    • “Like a Rolling Stone,” 1965 – Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan was known to bend the roots and forms of folk music. He did just that with“Like a Rolling Stone,” his classic song that featured electrifying vocals, tight versesand confrontational chorus.
    • “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” 1965 – The Rolling Stones. The riff came from Keith Richards and the words of disgust and helplessness camefrom Mick Jagger.
    • “Imagine,” 1971 – John Lennon. John Lennon thought the song might be too radical for some, as its call for equalityand dissolution of religions, governments and social classes was practically themusic version of “The Communist Manifesto.”
    • “What’s Going On? ,” 1971 – Marvin Gaye. It was initially rejected for not being commercial enough, but “What’s Going On?” turned out to be Marvin Gaye’s greatest achievement in the studio.
    • Claire Gillespie
    • Imagine’ — John Lennon. Voted second by the Ranker community and third by Rolling Stone, John Lennon’s “Imagine” is worthy of our top spot. First released in the U.S. in October 1971 and in the U.K.
    • Hey Jude’ — The Beatles. It’s the best song of all time, according to thousands of Ranker voters, and it comes in at No. 8 on the Rolling Stone list.
    • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ — The Rolling Stones. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” deemed by Rolling Stone to be the second-best song of all time, gave The Rolling Stones their first U.S. No. 1, and despite being initially restricted to pirate radio stations in the U.K.
    • Yesterday’ — The Beatles. The Beatles’ most famous ballad was voted third-best by the Ranker community and 13th by Rolling Stone. It was also ranked third on BMI’s list of the Top 100 Songs of the Century and was voted the best song of the 20th century in a 1999 BBC Radio 2 poll of music experts and listeners.
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