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    Uncyclopedia's articles often begin with quotations, usually misquoted, fictitiously attributed or entirely fabricated. Among the most recurrent themes is the invention of quotes attributed to Oscar Wilde, prompted by an article stating that inventing Wilde quotes was the "national sport of England", and themes such as "kitten huffing" (the inhalation of the souls of cats as a form of drug abuse).

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    Uncyclopedia: The fair and balanced, highly accurate, content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Accept no substitute!

  3. “His muffins suck. His pastries suck. He sucks. ” ~ Oscar Wilde on the Muffin Man Frederic Thomas Lynwood (1563 - 1612) also known as the Muffin Man and The Drury Lane Dicer was England's first documented serial killer, accused of killing up to 15 children and seven rival pastry chefs during the years of 1589 to 1598.

  4. Ikkepedia (oversettelseslån fra engelsk Uncyclopedia, «Uleksikon») er en satirisk wiki på norsk og har flere søsternettsider på andre språk. Nettstedet (grunnlagt i 2006) er utformet som en parodi på Wikipedia der hvem som helst kunne redigere innholdet.

  5. Uncyclopedia The content-free encyclopedia Undictionary The ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid UnTunes Where noisy things can live and prosper Games Another way to waste time HowTo Instructions and guides for anything and everything UnBooks Content-free books Unquotable Useless misquotes galore Uncycloversity If it makes sense, we don't ...

  6. Algumas versões da Uncyclopedia usavam servidores da Wikia; todos eles (incluindo a Uncyclopedia original) foram removidos da Wikia em 2019. [5] Outras wikis do projeto, como a Desciclopédia, são hospedadas em servidores localizados no Canadá e operados por uma organização chamada de "Uncyclomedia Foundation". [6]

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