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  1. U-Pick Live was a popular talk show on Nickelodeon in the early-mid 2000s. It featured a diverse cast of practically unknown scrubs looking to make an impact on daytime television; unfortunately, almost no network (including VH1, looking for a new cast for their show The Surreal Life) would take them, so they had to make due with Nick.

  2. The A-Team Movie. In December 2006, Fox announced they would be making a full length motion picture of The A-Team. Insiders say it will be an action packed political thriller/romantic comedy, complete with flying asparagus and the cast of Star Wars. The movie is set for release in the summer of 2084.

  3. The Simpsons (1987—), also known as That Crappy Remodeled Cartoon that was Once Something Great and in New Jersey as The Simps, was an animated monochromatic sitcom, originally rated TV-MA, that ran for eight precise seasons before hitting the Mike Scully era, when it entered its ongoing death spiral and became The Homer and Friends Wacky Half-Hour.

  4. “Alpha, get me 5 teenagers with attitude, a cannoli, and the latest issue of Hustler! This is an urgent situation!” ~ Zordon on the Power Rangers Power Rangers (aka Mighty Morphin' Wild Zeo Power Rangers Turbo Overdrive Force in Space II: Electric Boogaloo The Sequel the Series) was an award winning 16 season television series.

  5. Scorned for its controversial nature and explicit imagery PAC-MAN: THE MOVIE fought a battle of social injustice to become the greatest movie of the 21st century. Starring a stellar cast of Vince Vaughn as Young Pac-Man, Michael Cain as Pac-Man's father, Paul Bettany as Ghost #7, Reese Witherspoon as Mrs. Pac-Man and Dakota Fanning as the narrator.

  6. Starting out absurd and staying that way is rarely funny. Absurdity can be funny, but it helps to work up to it from a serious, or at least, less-absurd starting point. This is true whether you're dealing with a single sentence, a whole article, or putting live moray eels down your pants. Being Self-referential.

  7. Feb 25, 2019 · In February 2019, Wikia (Fandom) staff announced that most of the Uncyclopedia wikis they hosted would be closed. This included the original English version, In May 2019, this wiki was moved to independent hosting and the domain, and was no more.

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