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      • Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their vital processes. Biology encompasses diverse fields, including botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology.
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  2. A Biology is a series of two related works of fiction. It is one less than a trilogy, two less than a quadrilogy, and one more than a stand-alone work.

  3. A brain cell is a perfect example, that can be thrust into any hole that is a biology book. The so-called" stupidization " of brain cells (or lack thereof) can cause the down fall of an entire organism, as they are essential for life, and for me, as it fuels my deliciously crafty mind...

  4. en.uncyclopedia.coUncyclopedia

    Uncyclopedia is hosted by the Uncyclomedia Foundation, a non-profitable organization that also hosts a range of other projects as well as some foreign language Uncyclopedias and Illogicopedia . UnNews.

  5. This seems to be the best definition we have at the moment. Just take a stab in the dark. Put on a blind fold, get someone to spin you in circles, then point at two animals with a long pointed stick and say "I deem thou to be the same species and I christen ye both a Gear knight." See also . Baraminology

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    Ancient Uncyclopedia

    1. Main article: Ancient Uncyclopedia Uncyclopedia was founded by billionaire entrepreneur and media tycoon Oscar Wilde sometime in the late nineteenth century. The early Uncyclopedia was not the impressive effort it is today. It all began when Wilde would often write puerile childish jokes on scraps of paper to his male friends to encourage more "intimate relations". The Internet was, conveniently, invented in the late 1980s and allowed Wilde to pursue the same method through technology, and...

    Wikia buyout

    Bond villain stock-type Jimbo Wales bought the site from Wilde in 2005. This was done off the back of economic difficulties and bad press over Wilde's "libertine lifestyle". Wales's motivations for the purchase are not known, as he later commented that he personally disliked the fact that he owned such a "low echelon" of the Internet. In 2006, Wales and his Wikia firm relinquished to a 20% stake in the site and allowed Wilde to be reinstated as CEO by the latter quarter of the year. Wilde was...


    As of 2013. Uncyclopedia has demerged itself from Wikia's grasps, despite many necessary compromises. Wilde was elated by the change in power.

    Initially, Uncyclopedia was intended to be a parody of renowned comedy encyclopedia Wikipedia. However, due to economic and mental constraints, the site now relies and insists on trusty in-jokes and moronic junk. This was instituted by Wikia, who have sought to compete with rival comedy Internet sites such as shock humor website Encyclopedia Dramatica and the advertising rich yank dumpster The Onion. Of course, no site is really comparable to Uncyclopedia, as it occupies a very unique space on the outer rim of the internet. For the founders of the site, the aim was to provide healthy, Oscar Wilde-nubile young men with nothing better to do than make up quotes and write articles based on the courses they were studying whilst at University. This has still proved to be the case though the site has pursued younger contributors to spark mo/e interest and competition. The result has been an annoying amount of "intellgentsia" who readily have an English textbook from schoolto correct contri...

    The site was, for a time, famous for its clever articles, but the tedious dramas are also often cited as being a source of amusements for the users and admins. The bitter in-fighting has also been used to allay many a high school/university shooting as lonely young men flock to compete on humor, particularly the kind of humor they have found girls unresponsive to. Oscar Wilde instituted a hierarchical administration in the early days of Uncyclopedia to run the site without his supervision. This evil sect would allow for bickering about the site's direction to take place in a clean and less soiled environment than the rest of the site. Entry to the so called "Cabal" for users usually depends on how vocal the current active members are and whether the more moderate voices can stand the drama of yet more "queens" coming to the fore. The Cabal system is widely criticized even by members themselves; an anonymous source has commented, "Once you're wedged into the Cabalthe only real way ou...

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