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  1. Communication can refer to: This is a disambiguation page. This page could refer to anything on the list, or it could refer to Richard M. Nixon.Who knows?

  2. Action de mettre en relation, en liaison, en contact, des choses : Établir une communication entre deux conduites. 4. Mise en relation et conversation de deux correspondants par téléphone ou par un autre moyen de télécommunication. 5.

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  4. Communication can also mean: Communication in Estonia; This is a disambiguation page. This means Uncyclopedia is hopelessly confused. ... About Uncyclopedia; Disclaimers;

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    The site was founded by billionaire entrepreneur and media tycoon Oscar Wilde sometime in the late nineteenth century. The early Uncyclopedia was not the impressive effort it is today. It all began when Wilde would often write puerile childish jokes on scraps of paper to his male friends to encourage more "intimate relations". The Internet was, con...

    Initially, the site was a parody of renowned-to-comedy encyclopedia Wikipedia. However, due to economic and mental constraints, the site now relies and insists on trusty in-jokes and moronic junk. This was instituted by Wikia, who have sought to compete with rival comedy sites such as shock humor website Encyclopedia Dramatica and advertising-rich ...

    The site was, for a time, famous for its clever articles, but the tedious dramas are also often cited as being a source of amusements for the users and admins. The bitter in-fighting has also been used to allay many a high school/university shooting as lonely young men flock to "compete" on humor, particularly the kind of humor they have found girl...

    The site is something of a Paradise Lost and it is hoped that it can be restored to the glorious whoring effort that Wilde envisioned while pissed out of his mind during his studies at Oxford. The site has expanded a great deal, with an excess of 36,735 articles taking up server space. Some have speculated that lax attitudes have opened Uncyclopedi...

  5. en.uncyclopedia.coUncyclopedia

    Death Grips is an experimental hip-hop trio formed (literally) in a dark, wet alleyway in Sacramento, California. The group consists of three-eyed boogieman vocalist and McDonald's worshiper McRide, four-eyed keyboardist and Tomb Raider smoothie wielder FlatlanderTron X, and fifteen-armed drummer and corpse filmer Zach Hill.

  6. The meaning of COMMUNICATION is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior; also : exchange of information.

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