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  1. Self Psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with myself, yourself, self-esteem, self-awareness, self-efficacy, self-help, self-denial and self-loathing. Pretty much any word or phrase that includes the word "self" qualifies as the purvue of these psychologists who have generally failed to get good enough grades to work in the other ...

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  3. Definition . Your problem is an unbeatable rhetorical technique. Together with the russian reversal and the Teenage inversal it forms the group arguments known as the Holy Trinity of Unreason. It is a waterproof method for meeting hidden or overt criticism and should not be confused with the S.E.P phenomenon, which is really Somebody Else's Problem

  4. A website that is a parody of Wikipedia. It was designed to let people write articles about a topic as long as the content is pure nonsense. For some frivolous reading and a few laughs, visit ...

  5. The semantic construction of your problem is a two sentence phrase. The first phrase contains an abbreviated formulation of the criticism to be met, called narratio.The narratio can stand alone and can then also be called divisio, but more often the narratio is preceded by a negative affirmation in the interrogative tense called the exordium.

  6. Impersonal attraction: "I love my pet sheep." Interpersonal attraction: "I love you because you care for sheep." Physical gratification: "I made love to that sheep there." (a welsh person) The temptation is of course to whittle the definition down to a simple cliché, like the Wet Wet Wet song "Love is all around."

  7. Examples are: broadband speed, fashion, drama, perceived individuality and whether a smoker or non-smoker. The Human Condition is very broad (more so in American ballparks ), and is pondered and analyzed from perspectives including philosophy , art , sociology , ethnic cleansers, and despots.

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