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  1. Aug 18, 2019 · The Uncyclopedia Movie has become one of the most notorious and infamous unfinished films of all time. The project, fronted by none other than Oscar Wilde, was massively overbudgeted and directly caused the deaths of countless cast and crew members.

  2. Movies (referred to as films by the pretentious Hollywood elite) are essentially redepictions of the tragedies of others. They have baffled psychologists as it was found in a study conducted by the government that the majority of movie goers remain expressionless when watching the loss of life, limb, heartbreak, hatred and racism.

  3. Films, often derogatorily called movies or flicks, are moving pictures that cheerfully re-depict the tragedies of other people. They accurately portray loss of life, limb, heartbreak, hatred and racism — which, astonishingly, the average moviegoer watches, stone-faced and expressionless, or perhaps munches his popcorn slightly faster than before.

  4. The Microsoft Office is a series of disaster movies best known for their gritty depiction of despair among office-workers attempting to go about their daily duties in the face of a seemingly endless string of disasters and esoteric office-design decisions. The movies are shot in the style of a fly-on-the-wall documentary — similar to The Office but with swearing, fire, blood and despair.

  5. World War II was a war movie first released in 1939, to cinemas all over the world. The movie is a spiritual successor to indie filmmaker Gavrilo Princip's debut sleeper hit, World War I. It proved to be popular among audiences and critics alike, though many were turned off by its long running time of 6 years.

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    On the surface, there seems to be almost as much plot as there is in a Mario game. Delving deeper, however, it can be seen to transcend plot, mirroring the time that humanity has spent on the earth. The layman would have you believe that it consists of naught but Blahs meeting their untimely doom and some umbrella-wielding gibberish speaking lunatic in a little wagon thing, not to mention tons of highly destructive items. The layman is, however, a complete gobshite, and any novice philosopher can instruct to you the true meaning of the Demented Cartoon Movie. A brief synopsis follows:

    Blah - The common proletariat of the world herein. They seem to be simple-minded stick-figures who suffer inadvertent decapitation by mild explosion upon uttering the name of their species. In the...

    As it is easy to mistake the movie for simple entertainment, many people echo the catchphrases the movie uses to make a point about exactly that sort of thing. This lends people to call the movie stupid, which could not be farther from the truth. One who explores the movie even slightly knows the depth of knowledge stored inside, and knows that it would be impossible to call this piece stupid without a small part of Brian Kendall's soul dying. As such, most of Kendall's soul has been smashed into tiny, tiny bits. Therefore, the prophet who set out to capture existence is now existing in name only, a shell of his former self, not unlike many a martyr.

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    • 2011 Pong The Movie

    While doing research for his role, Robert Downey Jr.discovered hardships in conveying his character: 1. "I don't know if it is the pressure to perform or the wild regimen of illegal drugsI am on, but this was much more difficult than I thought..." Part-way through shooting, Downey Jr. was charged with drug possession, specifically a combination of PCP and kittens. Later, pledging to clean up his act, Downey Jr. vowed to stop his kitten huffing drug binges cold turkey. To this day he has not touched a single kitten. Marlon Brando, after finally dropping 7000lbs. in March 2005 was excited to be playing a part in Pong! the Movie. 1. "I'm so lucky to be part of something so wonderful. This movie is going to make history. Also, too bad I'm dead." Reviewers later lashed out against Brando's statement, claiming that it would be a boon to him to appear in anything that didn't suck in the last 25 years. One reviewer replied: 1. "I think the last time I saw him in anything was for a commercia...

    After Pong! the Movie 's opening night's screening, many critics and reviewers found harsh words for the film. A small scale riot occurred shortly after the film ended, when actor Downey Jr. tried to start a fight with the director, apparently not aware he was being portrayed as a mentally retarded savant from the Bronx trying to make it in the world. However, the fight ended when the policeshowed up and claimed they thought they had seen Downey Jr. somewhere before, at which time he took flight from the area. Some critics' statements about the movie: 1. ~ The New York Times 1. ~ Oscar Wilde 1. ~ SF Chronicle 1. ~ Oscar Wilde

    One day, Tinky Winky farted, causing a loophole, a wormhole and an Asshole. In the wormhole, 2 strange people turned into white lines and had to get hit by a square for the rest of their lifes. This Guy and This Guy had sex in another universe, with A certain Star Of a Drama TV Show and Arceus having a burping contest.

    Many have already asked about a follow up or possibly sequel to Pong! the Movie. The rumour mills have been wild about some recently leaked comments by Universal Studios about a sequel entitled "King Pong" featuring giant pong paddles battling against dinosuars and gorillas on a remote jungle island. Only time will tell for sure, but things look not too good as return actor Marlon Brandowould probably have to either claim he has become pregnant or admit he is gaining weight again.

    Extra! Extra! This just in! Mel Brooks from the The Producers fame has been commissioned to develop Pong! the Musical. With an anticipated budget of $100 million, this may be the costliest musical endeavour ever. Brooks has indicated that Paris Hilton has been approached to play the Robert Downey Jr. role and Queen Latifah for the Marlon Brando role. Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys is writing the music with Stephen Kingproviding the libretto. The surprise expressed at the choice of Stephen Kingis responded with King's comment, "Writing for a musical is just the same as writing a horror story except there's no blood."Contacted about the budget, Brooks responded with a shrug, "Don't worry, I'll just sell pieces of the musical to all my rich friends. There's plenty to go around."

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