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  1. Olympics schedule
    All times in EDT | Last updated on June 28, 2024
    Wed, July 249:00 AM
    FootballArgentina vs Morocco
    Wed, July 249:00 AM
    FootballUzbekistan vs Spain
    Wed, July 249:30 AM
    Rugby SevensAustralia vs Samoa
    • July 26
    • July 27
    • July 28
    • July 29
    All times in EDT | Last updated on July 11, 2024
  2. The U.S.: 50 States Printables. With 50 states in total, there are a lot of geography facts to learn about the United States. This map quiz game is here to help. See how fast you can pin the location of the lower 48, plus Alaska and Hawaii, in our states game! If you want to practice offline, download our printable US State maps in pdf format.

  3. The United States invented the internet. In the very begining it was called ARPANET. Washington, D.C. is not the first capital of the US. Its first capital was New York City. Wabash, Indiana was the first electrically-lit city in the world. The Statue of Liberty was donated by France in 1884. Harvard is the first university in the United States.

  4. Aug 31, 2022 · Watch Sporcle's founder, Matt, name all the US States geographically from West to East!

    • 3 min
  5. Seterra becomes a part of. GeoGuessr is a game where you get to discover the world and test your ability to figure out where you are. As part of the journey towards our vision to make everyone discover how fun it is to explore the world, Seterra has now become a part of GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr will continue to develop and improve Seterra.

  6. The Leader in Educational Games for Kids! In this free geography game for kids, players fill in a map of the United States! There are two levels of difficulty; in the "Easy" mode, students are given a map of the United States with the state outlines. In the "Hard" mode, the map does not contain the state outlines.

  7. States correct: States incorrect: Object of the Game. The object of the game is to select the correct U.S. state in as few of guesses as possible. The more states you correctly select, the higher the score you will get. Directions. The game begins asking you to click on the state of Alabama. You have three tries to select the correct state.

  8. Game is finished! Your score is 100. ... U.S. state capitals - Map Quiz Game. Current quiz contains 50 state capitals. You will be randomly ... The US 50 States. 30 ...

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