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    • Vaccine Rollout as of Apr 01:

      Total Distributed: 4,989,325. Total Administered: 4,140,842.

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      Visit your state's vaccine dashboard to learn more about their distribution guidelines. The CDC also has updated information on COVID-19 vaccines, including recommendations processes, differences about the different types, their benefits, safety data, and frequently asked questions.

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  2. Covid-19 Response Fund Donate Globally , as of 5:17pm CEST, 9 April 2021 , there have been 133,552,774 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,894,295 deaths , reported to WHO.

    • India

      Covid-19 Response Fund Donate In India , from 3 January 2020...

    • Canada

      Covid-19 Response Fund Donate In Canada , from 3 January...

    • Australia

      Covid-19 Response Fund Donate In Australia , from 3 January...

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    Mar 19, 2021 · The world is in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. As WHO and partners work together on the response -- tracking the pandemic, advising on critical interventions, distributing vital medical supplies to those in need--- they are racing to develop and deploy safe and effective vaccines. Vaccines save millions of lives each year.

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    • Reduce risk of coronavirus infection.
    • Let’s flatten the infodemic curve. We are all being exposed to a huge amount of COVID-19 information on a daily basis, and not all of it is reliable. Here are some tips for telling the difference and stopping the spread of misinformation.
    • FACT: Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot cure COVID-19. Micronutrients, such as vitamins D and C and zinc, are critical for a well-functioning immune system and play a vital role in promoting health and nutritional well-being.
    • FACT: The likelihood of shoes spreading COVID-19 is very low. The likelihood of COVID-19 being spread on shoes and infecting individuals is very low. As a precautionary measure, particularly in homes where infants and small children crawl or play on floors, consider leaving your shoes at the entrance of your home.
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    The World Health Organization is a leading organization involved in the global coordination for mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic, within the broader United Nations response to the pandemic caused by the emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in late 2019.

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