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    A member of the Agilolfing dynasty, his father possibly was Duke Theodo IV of Bavaria (d. 680) and his mother was probably Fara of Bavaria (b. 600), daughter of one of the Kings of the Lombards and by her mother a granddaughter of Gisulf I of Friuli (b. 577). Theodo established his capital at Ratisbona (modern Regensburg).

  2. Pedigree: Theodo IV (Duke) of BAVARIA

    Theodo IV (Duke) of BAVARIA. -- Theodon III of BAVARIA (? - 565?) | or: poss. Theodebald (3rd Archduke, q.v., Theudebert's son)

  3. Theodo I, duke of Bavaria - geni family tree

    Jan 22, 2019 · Theodo I, Duke of Bavaria (c630-c670), but sometimes called Theodo IV. HIs ancestry is speculative. (Stewart Baldwin, soc.genealogy.medieval, May 18, 2012). Supposed son of Garibald II, Duke of Bavaria, and Appa or Gaila

    • Garibald II, duke of the Bavarians, Geila De Baviere, Geila di Friuli
  4. Theodo IV AGILOLFINGES, Duke of Bavaria

    THEODO IV Duke of Bavaria. The Annales Ducum Bavariæ name (in order) " Theodo…Theodo [et] Theodebertum " as Dukes of Bavaria, this being the second Theodo.

  5. Theodo IV Duke of Bavaria 1 2 -

    Theodo IV Duke of Bavaria, born <Bavaria, (Germany)>, died Abt 680 - Johnson & Wallace Family History with the Fish & Kirk Family & Others Johnson-Wallace & Fish-Kirk Family Pedigree Charts Theodo IV Duke of Bavaria

  6. Theodo IV Duke Bavaria 2G (585-626) - Genealogy Online

    Personal data Theodo IV Duke Bavaria 2G Source 1 He was born in the year 0585 in Germany. He died on December 11, 626 in Germany, he was 41 years old.

  7. Theodo of Bavaria

    Theodbert of BavariaTheodbert (also Theodebert , Theudebert , Theotpert , and Theodo ) (c. 685 ndash; c. 719) was the duke of Bavaria in some capacity or other from 702 to his death. He was the eldest son of Duke Theodo of Bavaria and Folchaid.

  8. Theodo of Bavaria, Duke of Bavaria b. Abt 625 Bavaria ...

    Theodo of Bavaria, Duke of Bavaria Abt 625 - 716 (~ 91 years)


    THEODO I Duke of Bavaria. The death in 514 of "Theodo dux Baioariæ" is recorded in the Excerpta Altahensia [10]. Theodo I had one child: 1. THEODO (-after 520). He succeeded his father in 514 as THEODO II Duke of Bavaria. The succession in 514 of "Theodo filius eius [=Theodo dux Baioariæ]" is recorded in the Excerpta Altahensia [11].

  10. Theodo II, duke of Bavaria - geni family tree
    • Analysis by Ben Angel
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    Ben M. Angel notes: The main event that seems to define the question of Theodo's first marriage and children seems to be the martyrdom of St. Emmeram of Regensburg, which was done at his command by his eldest son in 652, when Theodo himself was around the age of 27. Although births can in rare incidents happen very early (Lina Medina of Peru is recorded as the world's youngest mother at 5 years 229 days according to Wikipedia:, typi...

    Some historians have distinguished between a Duke Theodo I, ruling around 680, and a Duke Theodo II, reigning in the early eight century. Theodo I is attributed with the events involving Saint Emmeram, Uta and Lantpert, while Theodo II is associated with Saints Corbinian and Rupert, the ecclesiastical organisation and the division of the Duchy. However, no contemporary source indicates a distinction between different Dukes of that name.To complicate matters even further, Bavarian tradition ha...

    He married Regintrude of Austrasia, daughter of Dagobert I and Regintrude. They had the following:1. Daughter of Theodo, married Godefroy, Duke of AlamanniaHe also married Folchiade of Salzeburg. They had the following:1. Theodbert 2. Theobald 3. Tassilo 4. GrimoaldTheodo was eventually succeeded by his four other sons, among which he divided his duchy sometime before 715.As early as 702, Theodbert had been ruling from Salzburg and from 711 or 712, Theobald was co-reigning. It is impossible t...

    The prevalent legend of Emmeram's torture describes how he was bound to a ladder, and was hacked to pieces, starting with his finger tips. Later his eyes were put out and his nose was cut off. Still living, he asked for water. His companion Vitalis answered, \\"Why do you seek relief, when nothing of you remains but your stubby trunk, undecorated with limbs? I would think you should wish for your death rather than live with such shame.\\" Emmeram answered that one should not attempt to hurry deat...

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