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    Was Bavaria under Frankish overlordship?

    What is Bavaria during the Federal Republic of Germany?

    What is the history of Bavaria?

  2. History of Bavaria - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_Bavaria

    1 day ago · Christianity had lingered in Bavaria from Roman times, but a new era set in when Bishop Rupert of Worms came to the county at the invitation of Duke Theodo I in 696. He founded several monasteries, as did Bishop Emmeran of Poitiers , with the result that before long, most of the people professed Christianity and relations commenced between ...

  3. List of royal consorts of Bavaria - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_royal_consorts_of

    Otto IV (Lower Bavaria) Margaret of Bohemia: John I of Bohemia 8 July 1313 2 August 1328 1 September 1339 husband's death: 11 July 1341 Henry XIV (Lower Bavaria) Anna of Austria: Frederick I, Duke of Austria c. 1318 c. 1326–1328 18 June 1333 husband's death: 14/15 December 1343 Henry XV (Upper Bavaria) Bavaria reunited in 1341 under Louis IV.

  4. Berthold, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia › wiki › Berthold,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    5 days ago · Berthold (c. 900 – 23 November 947), of the Luitpolding dynasty, was the younger son of Margrave Luitpold of Bavaria and Cunigunda, sister of Duke Erchanger of Swabia. He followed his nephew Eberhard as Duke of Bavaria in 938. It is known that Berthold was a count in the March of Carinthia in 926 while his elder brother Arnulf the Bad was ...

  5. Louis the Younger - Wikipedia › wiki › Louis_the_Younger

    6 days ago · He succeeded his father as the King of Saxony on 28 August 876 and his elder brother Carloman as King of Bavaria from 880 to 882. He died in 882 and was succeeded in all his territories, which encompassed most of East Francia, by his younger brother, Charles the Fat, already king of Italy and emperor .

  6. Carloman of Bavaria - Wikipedia › wiki › Carloman_of_Bavaria

    6 days ago · Carloman (German: Karlmann, Latin: Karlomannus; c. 830 – 22 March 880) was a Frankish king of the Carolingian dynasty.He was the eldest son of Louis the German, king of East Francia, and Hemma, daughter of a Bavarian count.

    • 28 August 876 – 879
    • Louis II
  7. Lombards - Wikipedia › wiki › Lombards

    1 day ago · In 589, he married Theodelinda, daughter of Garibald I of Bavaria, the Duke of Bavaria. The Catholic Theodelinda was a friend of Pope Gregory I and pushed for Christianization. In the meantime, Authari embarked on a policy of internal reconciliation and tried to reorganize royal administration.

  8. Louis the German - Wikipedia › wiki › Louis_the_German

    6 days ago · Louis the German (c. 806 /810 – 28 August 876), also known as Louis II, was the first king of East Francia, and ruled from 843–876 AD.Grandson of emperor Charlemagne and the third son of Louis the Pious, emperor of Francia, and his first wife, Ermengarde of Hesbaye, he received the appellation Germanicus shortly after his death in recognition of Magna Germania of the Roman Empire ...

  9. Charles the Fat - Wikipedia › wiki › Charles_the_Fat

    3 days ago · Charles III (13 June 839 – 13 January 888), also known as Charles the Fat, was the emperor of the Carolingian Empire from 881 to 888. A member of the Carolingian dynasty , Charles was the youngest son of Louis the German and Hemma , and a great-grandson of Charlemagne .

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