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  1. List of rulers of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Rulers of Bavaria Ducal Bavaria (also known as the "Old Stem duchy") Agilolfing Dynasty. Around 548 the kings of the Franks placed the border region of Bavaria under the administration of a duke — possibly Frankish or possibly chosen from amongst the local leading families — who was supposed to act as a regional governor for the Frankish king.

  2. Family:Theodo IV, Duke of Bavaria and Fara of Bavaria (1 ...,_Duke_of...

    Family:Theodo IV, Duke of Bavaria and Fara of Bavaria (1) ... Theodo , of Bavaria. abt 0625 Austrasia, France. 11 Dec abt 0716 Bavaria, Austria.


    THEODO I Duke of Bavaria. The death in 514 of "Theodo dux Baioariæ" is recorded in the Excerpta Altahensia [10]. Theodo I had one child: 1. THEODO (-after 520). He succeeded his father in 514 as THEODO II Duke of Bavaria. The succession in 514 of "Theodo filius eius [=Theodo dux Baioariæ]" is recorded in the Excerpta Altahensia [11].

  4. Kingdoms of Germany - Bavaria (Bavarii)

    Theodo IV (I) 680 - 702: Theodo V (II) Duke of the Bavarians. Lantpert of Bavaria: Son. Murdered (Saint) Emmeram of Regensburg. c.700: Married to a daughter of Theodo of Bavaria, Duke Godefred of Alemannia (Gotfried of Allemania) is a member of the House of the Agilolfing, Bavaria's governing family. In a document dated to the year 700 in ...

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  6. Regents of Bavaria -

    Theodo I Theodo II Theodo III Theodobald Garibald I Grimwald I Tassilo I Agilolf Garibald II Theodo IV Theodo V Theodobald Grimwald II Theodobert Tassilo II Hubert Odilo Tassilo III: The duchy of Bavaria was conquered by the Franks 788. With the exception of the period 876-880 was it thereafter a fief in what would become the Holy Roman Empire ...

  7. Leopold, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Leopold (German: Luitpold, c. 1108 – 18 October 1141), known as Leopold the Generous (German: Luitpold der Freigiebige), was Margrave of Austria as Leopold IV from 1136, and Duke of Bavaria as Leopold I from 1139 until his death in 1141.

  8. Duchy of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Duke Albrecht IV of Bavaria-Munich united Bavaria in 1503 through war and primogeniture. However, the originally Bavarian offices Kufstein , Kitzbühel and Rattenberg in Tirol were lost in 1504. In spite of the decree of 1506, Albert's oldest son William IV was compelled to grant a share in the government in 1516 to his brother Louis X , an ...

  9. List of Bavarian consorts - Wikipedia

    Otto IV (Lower Bavaria) Margaret of Bohemia: John I of Bohemia 8 July 1313 2 August 1328 1 September 1339 husband's death: 11 July 1341 Henry XIV (Lower Bavaria) Anna of Austria: Frederick I, Duke of Austria c. 1318 c. 1326–1328 18 June 1333 husband's death: 14/15 December 1343 Henry XV (Upper Bavaria) Bavaria reunited in 1341 under Louis IV.

  10. Theodon Agilofinges - Historical records and family trees ...

    Theodon V Agilofinges, Duke of Bavaria was born in 625, at birth place, to Theodon IV Duke of Bavaria Agilofinges and Gelsnod, Duchess consort of Agilofinges (born Bavaria). Theodon was born in 602, in Present Bavaria), Herzogtum Bayern (Present Germany).

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