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  1. List of royal consorts of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Otto IV (Lower Bavaria) Margaret of Bohemia: John I of Bohemia 8 July 1313 2 August 1328 1 September 1339 husband's death: 11 July 1341 Henry XIV (Lower Bavaria) Anna of Austria: Frederick I, Duke of Austria c. 1318 c. 1326–1328 18 June 1333 husband's death: 14/15 December 1343 Henry XV (Upper Bavaria) Bavaria reunited in 1341 under Louis IV.

  2. List of rulers of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Duke of Bavaria: 555 (c.) 591: Some sources call him "King of the Bavarians". Tassilo I: Duke of Bavaria: 591 (c.) 610: Named rex (king) at his ascension. Garibald II: Duke of Bavaria: 610 (c.) 630: Theodo: Duke of Bavaria: 680 (c.) 716 (?) By the time of Theodo, who died in 716 or 717, the Bavarian duchy had achieved complete independence from the Frankish kings.

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  4. History of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Duke Henry the Lion focused on his northern duchy of Saxony rather than on his southern duchy of Bavaria, and when the dispute over the Bavarian succession ended in 1156 AD, the district between the Enns and the Inn became part of Austria.

  5. William IV, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    William IV (German: Wilhelm IV; 13 November 1493 – 7 March 1550) was Duke of Bavaria from 1508 to 1550, until 1545 together with his younger brother Louis X, Duke of Bavaria. He was born in Munich to Albert IV and Kunigunde of Austria , a daughter of Emperor Frederick III .

  6. Leopold, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    He was one of the younger sons of Margrave Leopold III, the Holy. It is not known why he was originally preferred to his brothers Adalbert and Henry Jasomirgott . Through his mother Agnes, he was related to the Hohenstaufen.

    • 1139–1141, 1136–1141
    • Henry II
  7. Otto III, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Otto was born in Burghausen, the son of Henry XIII, Duke of Bavaria, and Elizabeth of Hungary. Biography. Otto succeeded his father in 1290 as duke of Lower Bavaria, together with his younger brothers, Louis III and Stephen I. He was in opposition to Habsburg and tried to regain Styria which Bavaria had lost in 1180.

  8. william iv duke of bavaria : definition of william iv duke of ... iv duke of bavaria/en-en

    William IV of Bavaria (German: Wilhelm IV, Herzog von Bayern) (13 November 1493 – 7 March 1550) was Duke of Bavaria from 1508 to 1550, until 1545 together with his younger brother Louis X, Duke of Bavaria.

  9. History of Bavaria - Hyperleap

    The history of Bavaria includes its earliest settlement by Iron Age Celtic tribes, followed by the conquests of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC, when the territory was incorporated into the provinces of Raetia and Noricum. It is with Theodo that the well-sourced history of Bavaria begins. Independence from Bavaria was secured in the late 14th century.

  10. william iv of bavaria : définition de william iv of bavaria ...

    Theodo of Bavaria (10 February 1526 — 8 July 1534) Duke Albert V of Bavaria (1528-1579) Wilhelm of Bavaria (17 February 1529 — 22 October 1530) Mechthild of Bavaria (12 July 1532 — 2 November...

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