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    The history of Bavaria for the ensuing century intertwines with that of the Carolingian empire. Bavaria, given during the partition of 817 AD to the king of the East Franks, Louis the German, formed a part of the larger territories confirmed to him in 843 AD by the Treaty of Verdun.

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    Frederick I, duke of Swabia (c.1050 - 1105) He was Count of Hohenstauffen, and Duke of Swabia (1079-1105). He built the castle at Hohenstauffen. Friedrich I. (* um 1050; † 1105 vor 21. Juli) aus dem Geschlecht der Staufer war seit 1079 H... View Frederick I, duke of Swabia's genealogy profile; View Frederick I, duke of Swabia's family tree

  4. Duke of Bavaria: 610 (c.) 630: Theodo: Duke of Bavaria: 680 (c.) 716 (?) By the time of Theodo, who died in 716 or 717, the Bavarian duchy had achieved complete independence from the Frankish kings. Theodo's sons divided the duchy, but by 719 the rule had returned to Grimoald. Theodbert: Duke: 702 (c.) 719: Salzburg: Son of Theodo. Theobald: Duke: 711 (c.) 719: Parts of Bavaria: Son of Theodo. Tassilo II: Duke

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    Around 550 AD the Bavarians were put under a duke who acted as governor under the King of the Franks. Under Theodo Duke of Bavaria (625-716 AD) the Bavarians achieved de facto independence from the Franks, but under the Frankish King Charles Martel (ruler 714-741) the Bavarians were again laid under the King of the Franks.

  6. About: Salzburg

    Salisburgo (in tedesco Salzburg, pronunciato [ˈzaltsbʊʁrk] , in austro-bavarese Soizburg) è una città di 154 211 abitanti (2019) dell'Austria centro-settentrionale circa 300 km ad ovest di Vienna. È una città conosciuta nel mondo per la sua architettura barocca italianeggiante, per il suo rapporto con la musica – diede i natali a ...

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    Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria. Duke Albert IV of Bavaria-Munich (15 December 1447, Munich – 18 March 1508, Munich), (Albrecht IV., der Weise, Herzog von Bayern), from 1467 Duke of Bavaria-Munich, from 1503 Duke of the reunited Bavaria. New!!: Regensburg and Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria · See more » Albert of Cashel

  8. History of Bavaria explained

    History of Bavaria explained. The history of Bavaria stretches from its earliest settlement and its formation as a stem duchy in the 6th century through its inclusion in the Holy Roman Empire to its status as an independent kingdom and finally as a large Bundesland (state) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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