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    THEODO I Duke of Bavaria. The death in 514 of "Theodo dux Baioariæ" is recorded in the Excerpta Altahensia [10]. Theodo I had one child: 1. THEODO (-after 520). He succeeded his father in 514 as THEODO II Duke of Bavaria. The succession in 514 of "Theodo filius eius [=Theodo dux Baioariæ]" is recorded in the Excerpta Altahensia [11].

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    Duke of Bavaria: 610 (c.) 630: Theodo: Duke of Bavaria: 680 (c.) 716 (?) By the time of Theodo, who died in 716 or 717, the Bavarian duchy had achieved complete independence from the Frankish kings. Theodo's sons divided the duchy, but by 719 the rule had returned to Grimoald. Theodbert: Duke: 702 (c.) 719: Salzburg: Son of Theodo. Theobald: Duke: 711 (c.) 719: Parts of Bavaria: Son of Theodo. Tassilo II: Duke

  3. I4331: Theodon V, Duke of BAVARIA (CA 630 - 11 DEC 717)

    Theodon V, Duke of BAVARIA (CA 630 - 11 DEC 717) INDEX [] {This line is from "Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants," Vol. II. John S. Wurts, "Magna Charta, Part VIII," p. 2667, gives his death date as 8 May 1275, agreed to by "Ancestral Roots...

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    He succeeded his father in 718 as THEODOALD joint Duke of Bavaria, jointly with his brothers. The mid-13th century Series Ducum Bavariæ lists, in order, the dukes from 514 as Theodo "dux primus"…Theodo IV "qui cum filiis sanctum Corbiniacum locavit Frisinge", Theodaldus dux, Grimoaldus dux "fratris filius", Hugpertus dux…[78].

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    c.700 Married to a daughter of Theodo of Bavaria, Duke Godefred of Alemannia (Gotfried of Allemania) is a member of the House of the Agilolfing, Bavaria's governing family. In a document dated to the year 700 in Cannstatt, and at the request of a priest named Magulfus, Godefred donates the castle of Biberburg to the monastery of Saint Gall.

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    In 1070, Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor deposed duke Otto, granting the duchy instead to Welf I, Duke of Bavaria, a member of the Italo-Bavarian family of Este. Welf I subsequently quarreled with King Henry and was deprived of his duchy for nineteen years, during which it was directly administered by the German crown.

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    Louis IV was Duke of Upper Bavaria from 1294/1301 together with his elder brother Rudolf I, served as Margrave of Brandenburg until 1323, as Count Palatine of the Rhine until 1329, and he became Duke of Lower Bavaria in 1340.

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    The history of Bavaria includes its earliest settlement by Iron Age Celtic tribes, followed by the conquests of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC, when the territory was incorporated into the provinces of Raetia and Noricum. It is with Theodo that the well-sourced history of Bavaria begins. Independence from Bavaria was secured in the late 14th century.

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    Christianity had lingered in Bavaria from Roman times, but a new era set in when Bishop Rupert of Worms came to the county at the invitation of Duke Theodo I in 696. He founded several monasteries, as did Bishop Emmeran of Poitiers , with the result that before long, most of the people professed Christianity and relations commenced between ...

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    After the death of his older brother John IV, Duke of Bavaria he gave up his spiritual career and returned from Pavia to Munich. When his brothers Christoph and Wolfgang had resigned Albert became sole duke, but a new duchy Bavaria- Dachau was created from Bavaria-Munich for his brother Duke Sigismund in 1467.