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  1. Leopold V, Duke of Austria - Wikipedia

    Theodora Komnene Leopold V(1157 – 31 December 1194), known as the Virtuous(German: der Tugendhafte), a member of the House of Babenberg, was Duke of Austriafrom 1177 and Duke of Styriafrom 1192 until his death.

    • 1157, Austria
    • Henry II
  2. Talk:Theodora Komnene, Duchess of Austria - Wikipedia

    Talk:Theodora Komnene, Duchess of Austria ... of WikiProject Austria, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to articles about Austria on Wikipedia.

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  4. 1090s - Wikipedia

    The 1090s was a decade of the Julian Calendar which began on January 1, ... January 15 – Theodora Komnene, ... margrave of Austria (b. 1050)

  5. 1140s - Wikipedia

    Theodora Komnene, queen of Jerusalem (approximate date) 1146. Abd al-Ghani al-Maqdisi, Arab scholar and jurist (d. 1203) Abu Musa al-Jazuli, Almohad philologian and writer (d. 1211) Fujiwara no Ikushi, Japanese empress and nun (d. 1173) Gerald of Wales, Welsh clergyman and chronicler (d. 1223) Walram I, German nobleman (House of Nassau) (d ...

  6. Leopold V, Duke of Austria

    Theodora Komnene. Leopold V (1157 – 31 December 1194), known as the Virtuous (German: der Tugendhafte ), a member of the House of Babenberg, was Duke of Austria from 1177 and Duke of Styria from 1192 until his death.

  7. Anna Komnene - Wikipedia

    Anna Komnene plays a secondary role in Sir Walter Scott's 1832 novel Count Robert of Paris. Fictional accounts of her life are given in the 1928 novel Anna Comnena by Naomi Mitchison , and the 1999 novel for young people Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett .

  8. Theodora Komnene - Yahoo Search Results

    Theodora Komnene or Comnena (Greek: Θεοδώρα Κομνηνή Theodōra Komnēnē) (born c. 1145) was a niece of Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus, and wife of King Baldwin III of Jerusalem. Theodora Komnene, Queen of Jerusalem - Wikipedia

  9. Alexios II Komnenos - Wikipedia

    Alexios II Komnenos or Alexius II Comnenus (Medieval Greek: Αλέξιος Β′ Κομνηνός, romanized: Alexios II Komnēnos) (10 September 1169 – October 1183) was Byzantine emperor from 1180 to 1183. He was the son of Emperor Manuel I Komnenos and Maria, daughter of Raymond of Poitiers, prince of Antioch.

  10. Anna Komnene Angelina - Wikipedia

    Irene Doukaina Komnene Laskarina, who married first the general Andronikos Palaiologos and then John III Doukas Vatatzes Maria Laskarina , who married King Béla IV of Hungary Eudokia Laskarina (born between 1210 and 1212, died between 1247 and 1253), engaged to Robert de Courtenay , married firstly and divorced Frederick II, Duke of Austria ...

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