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    Thir13en Ghosts characters. Category page. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Trending pages. The Black Zodiac; The Angry Princess; The Jackal; The Withered Lover;

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    Thir13en Ghosts (2001) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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    A remake of the 1960 film 13 Ghosts by William Castle, the film stars Tony Shalhoub, Embeth Davidtz, Matthew Lillard, Shannon Elizabeth, Alec Roberts, Rah Digga, and F. Murray Abraham. It was released to theaters on October 26, 2001, shot entirely around Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

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    Ghost hunter Cyrus Kriticos (F. Murray Abraham) and his neurotic psychic assistant Dennis Rafkin (Matthew Lillard) lead a team on a mission to capture a spirit, called the Juggernaut, in a junkyard. Several of the men are killed during the ensuing fight, including Cyrus himself. However, the team is able to catch the ghost. Arthur Kriticos (Tony Shalhoub), an embittered and naïve mathematician who is also a widower, is informed by the estate lawyer of his uncle Cyrus, Ben Moss (JR Bourne), that he has inherited a mansion. Arthur and his financially insecure family plan to move into this mansion with his two children, Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) and Bobby (Alec Roberts). Their babysitter/nanny Maggie(Rah Digga) accompanies the family. Dennis Rafkin, disguised as a power company employee, meets the family and Moss as they tour the mansion. The residence is made almost entirely of glass. It contains Latin phrases etched on floors and movable glass walls, along with priceless artifacts. A...

    The thirteen ghosts that make up the fictional "Black Zodiac" each have their own unique back stories. Although these stories were not described in the film, on the DVD, the production and make-up teams explain their guidelines. Cyrus narrates each ghost's back story. 1. The First Born Son- The Firstborn Son is the ghost of Billy Michaels, a boy who was a fan of cowboy films. One day, a neighbor found a real steel arrow in his parents' closet. He challenged Billy to a duel, with Billy using a toy gun. However, his plaything was no match for the arrow, and he died when the neighbor shot it through the back of his head. In death, Billy is in his cowboy suit and holding a tomahawk, with the arrow still protruding from his head. His ghost whispers "I want to play." 2. The Torso- The Torso is the ghost of a gambler called Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino. He spent most of his days on the track, making bets and brainwashed into winning. One day, he made a deal with a rich business man, and so...


    1. Tony Shalhoub as Arthur Kriticos 2. Embeth Davidtz as Kalina Oretzia 3. Matthew Lillard as Dennis Rafkin 4. Shannon Elizabeth as Kathy Kriticos 5. Alec Roberts as Bobby Kriticos 6. Rah Digga as Maggie Bess 7. F. Murray Abraham as Cyrus Kriticos 8. J.R. Bourne as Ben Moss


    1. Mikhael Speidel as Billy Michaels/The First Born Son 2. Daniel Wesley as Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino/The Torso 3. Laura Mennell as Susan LeGrow/The Bound Woman 4. Kathryn Anderson as Jean Kriticos/The Withered Lover 5. Craig Olejnik as Royce Clayton/The Torn Prince 6. Shawna Loyer as Dana Newman/The Angry Princess 7. Xantha Radley as Isabella Smith/The Pilgrimess 8. C. Ernst Harth as Harold Shelburne/The Great Child 9. Laurie Soper as Margaret Shelburne/The Dire Mother 10. Herbert Duncanso...

    In the US, the film opened ranking 2nd, making $15,165,355. It spent 10 weeks in the US box office, eventually making $41,867,960 domestically, and $68,467,960 worldwide.

    Reviews for the film were mostly negative, with Thirteen Ghosts garnering a "Rotten" rating of 14% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, where the consensus was, "The production design is first rate, but 13 Ghostsis distinctly lacking in scares." Roger Ebert praised the production values saying, "The production is first-rate. The physical look of the picture is splendid." However, he criticized the story, lack of interesting characters, loud soundtrack, and poor editing. It is on his list of "Most Hated" films.

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    The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo characters. Category page. Edit. History Talk (0) This category is for characters in the series The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.

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    Thir13en Ghosts Shorts (2001) Billy Michaels/The First Born Son - Shot through the back of his head with an arrow by an unknown child. Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino/The Torso - Cut into pieces by Larry "The Finger" Vitello and his men. Susie LeGrow/The Bound Woman - Neck snapped by Chet Walters.

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    In the films, while it isn't fully specified how they are formed, a deceased person's soul might remain bound to the plane of the living when it's unable or unwilling to cross over to the next plane of existence after death, typically due to unresolved issues. The duration of their stay is indefinite, lasting years or even centuries (such as with Isabella Smith, who's been earthbound since the 18th century). It has been suggested their formation may be the by-product of a high concentration o...

    Appearance and Abilities

    In the 2001 film, according to Dennis, most ghosts can't harm the living nor do they really have the desire to, but there are exceptions, such as the ghosts that make up The Black Zodiac, and the ghosts imprisoned in Dr. Zorba's mansion. These ghosts had enough spectral energy to be capable of interacting with the physical world; moving and projecting objects and could actually attack and even kill a living person. Their appearance as a ghost may vary, though they mostly range from the most r...

    The ghosts that were imprisoned in Basileus's Machine and Dr. Zorba's house respectively (particularly the former group of ghosts) were shown to be extremely violent and prone to attacking and killing without conscience or reason. According to Dennis in Thirteen Ghosts, this is because ghosts who died violently are left in a tortured state if they do not cross over, and thus they eventually come to know nothing but rage and violence as a consequence.

    As strong as these ghosts could be, they're not without frailties. For example, in Thirteen Ghosts, for reasons unknown, ghosts are forced to obey Latin spells and whatever they say, whether spoken or written, though a ghost can resist the spells if they are strong enough. Ghosts were not able cross barrier spells, and spells that command them to travel to a nearby location will force them to go directly to that place. Notably, in the 2001 film, ghosts such as The Jackalretreat from quicksilver flares and briefly disappear. According to the script, this is because burning metal temporarily disrupts ghosts' spectral energy. Also, in the 1960 film, when Dr. Zorba and the other eleven ghosts were placed in his mansion, they were trapped in the house and could only leave and move on when a thirteenth ghost joined them. The ghosts in the 2001 film, on the other hand, were presumably confined by none other than the barrier spells of Basileus's Machine and were free to roam the Earth once...

    The ghosts in the 1960 film, when visible, were semi-transparent, while the ghosts in the 2001 film were opaque when they were visible.
    In the 1960 film, ghosts could become trapped in buildings in which they were placed (until enough other ghosts joined them). In the 2001 film, this rule does not appear to technically apply.
    The noises which are heard when a ghost is present are screaming, gasping and moaning in the 1960 film (the sound of their earthly torment); while in the 2001 film it is faint, eerie shrieks and wh...
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    According to Dennis, the Jackal is the Charles "Charlie" Manson of the ghosts. His ghost file is represented by the jaw of a human skull. He was the next-to-last ghost seen to disappear at the end of the film. He and the Tall Man are the only known men to have raped someone, or in his case, more than one person.

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    The thirteen arcane symbols representing both the twelve spirits as well as the thirteenth ghost. These hellish sigils are written in the Arcanum as well as being inscribed both into the mechanisms of Basileus's Machine and into the ectobar glass in which the ghosts are confined. The Black Zodiac is a dark inversion of the normal Zodiac.

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