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  2. Starting a third language before you’ve reached conversational fluency (this means at least upper-intermediate) in your first can have a negative impact on both of your foreign languages. No matter which language you choose after you’ve already learned one new language, you risk the following problems: Mixing up both languages

  3. Jul 13, 2020 · When it comes to learning a third language, most experts agree you should hold off until you’ve attained conversational fluency in your second language. If you begin learning another language too soon, you risk mixing up the two languages or forgetting what you learned in the first foreign tongue.

  4. Third language acquisition refers to multilinguals learning additional languages. [1] [2] It contrasts with second language acquisition in the narrow sense, which is concerned with the acquisition of an additional language by (then) monolinguals . The success of third language acquisition varies with age and the languages already known, which ...

  5. What Is The Third Most Spoken Language In The United States? Chinese is a more diverse language than Spanish among Americans, coming third in most dominant languages. China currently has a relatively small population of 2 speakers, compared with approximately 3.5 in Spain. 9 million people live in metropolitan areas.

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