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  2. Third language acquisition refers to multilinguals learning additional languages. It contrasts with second language acquisition in the narrow sense, which is concerned with the acquisition of an additional language by (then) monolinguals .

  3. For some, L3 acquisition is simply chronological; the third language acquired in the literal sense. For others, the L3 is any language cur- rently being learned in adulthood after at least two...

  4. language acquirers been treated with the same fervor. Acknowledging that acquiring a second and third language are different processes is a crucial step for both second language ( L2) and third...

  5. Language acquisition research has long made distinctions between first and second language acquirers, recognizing the potentially different paths and outcomes and carrying out systematic investigation. However, only recently—within the past 20 years—has the distinction between second and third language acquirers been treated with the same fervor.

  6. Nov 19, 2020 · This book deals with the phenomenon of third language (L3) acquisition. As a research field, L3 acquisition is established as a branch of multilingualism that is concerned with how multilinguals...

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