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  1. 1. Psychosom Med. 1997 Mar-Apr;59(2):150-1. The ties that bind for a lifetime of health. Kaplan BH. Comment on Psychosom Med. 1997 Mar-Apr;59(2):144-9.

    • Berton H. Kaplan
    • 4
    • 1997
    • The Movie
    • Intense Moments with Keith
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    • Closing Thoughts

    Talk about a movie having it all. If you’re looking for murder, an affair, consensual sex, non-consensual sex but really it’s probably consensual, attractive woman trying to get a married doctor, cheap production, and a nosy old lady neighbor, then you’ve come to the right movie in “Ties That Bind.” The movie starts out with a young couple looking through a big house that appears to be out of their price range, but Megan (Boer) encourages her husband, Dave (Krause), that they can afford it, all because it comes with a guest house they could rent out to a smokin’ hot blonde and that’d help take care of a lot of the mortgage until Dave is out of residency and becomes a doctor making the big bucks. Before Dave starts to look for a tenant, there’s a scene that flashes to him at the hospital where a young woman comes in with her husband and is hurt, but she’s saying it was an accident, then a cute blonde nurse named Courtney (Salomaa) with glasses and pony tail takes the patient off to a...

    Intense Moment #1 When Megan was out for an afternoon run, she leaves the keys in her mailbox, Courtney knows this and takes it and goes into the house. Megan then comes back from her run and I thought maybe Courtney was going to murder her! Actually I don’t think I thought that, I think I just thought Megan would find Courtney sniffing Dave’s clothes or something. Intense Moment #2 Before Megan’s lawyer friend was killed by Courtney, she was in the guest house trying to serve papers to Courtney, although Courtney wasn’t home. Courtney then of course came home and the lawyer friend was then stuck in the guest house with Courtney but needed to get out. There were some real close calls and the lawyer friend had to do some very smooth moves in order to avoid being seen by Courtney. She ended up making it out of the guest house but was later stabbed and thrown into the pool and died.

    The Guest House Renter
    The Tenant
    What Women Will Do for a Doctor

    Two words: “Loved” and “It.” As I mentioned before, it had everything you could want from a LMN movie – great cheese factor, cheap production, no big name actors, great story line, murders, an attempted affair kind of, framing of someone, and a fake search engine to top it off! Highly recommended if you say to yourself, “I need to waste my lifetime.”

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