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    Thank goodness for micro-ties, I say, or some souls would simply drift away. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, or wrong, yet the ties that bind are both supportive and constrictive, are they not? My quiet fantasy is to travel the UK in a narrow boat. If there’s room for a geographical “land” addition, plenty of space in Gondwana too.

  2. Feb 01, 2022 · Some texts dating from the 15th century also mention small pieces made of cast iron (Belhoste, 2008). Thus, several authors have assumed that the large parts of bombards, such as powder chambers, were made of cast iron and moulded parts (Belhoste et al., 1991). However, the archaeological bombard of Nancy is the only reported example of the use ...

  3. The Ties That Bind: Ideology, Material Culture, and the Utopian Ideal. Abstract: Communitarian or utopian societies are ideal settings for investigating the interaction between material culture and ideology. Community members deliberately incorporated ideologies of social reform into the planning and organization of their society.

  4. The ties that bind: archaeometallurgical typology of architectural crampons as a method for reconstructing the iron economy of Angkor, Cambodia (tenth to thirteenth c.) By Stéphanie Leroy and Sylvain Bauvais

    • Stéphanie Leroy
  5. Deedee Morrison is a public artist working at the forefront of transforming urban landscapes into dynamic and memorable public spaces. With public art, our communities have the ability to transcend language, impact emotion, conceptual thought, and contribute to an impactful and informed public lands

  6. The study identifies ties that bind groups together. It also explores the components that constitute spatial character. Physical and intangible aspects of materials in achieving environmental ...

  7. May 26, 2015 · Currently on show at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh is The Ties That Bind an exhibition by Scottish photography collective, Document Scotland.Stephen McLaren’s work Jamaica – A sweet forgetting includes a picture taken in the summer house at inveresk House , juxtaposed withcontemporary images of John Wedderburn ( RW’s uncle ...

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