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    What was the Art Deco style in the 1930s?

    What years were 1930?

    What is the timeline of architecture?

    What materials were used in the 1930s?

  2. Timeline of architecture - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_architecture

    1932 – The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York holds its exhibition on modern architecture, coining the term "International Style." 1931 – The Empire State Building, designed by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, becomes the tallest building in the world. 1930 – William Van Alen completes the Chrysler Building, an Art Deco skyscraper in New York City, US.

  3. Timeline of architectural styles - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_architectural

    6000BC–1000AD • 1000–1750 • 1750–1900 • 1900–Present: Architectural style • Architecture timeline

  4. History of architecture - Wikipedia › wiki › Periods_of_architecture

    Architectural advances are an important part of the Neolithic period (10,000-2000 BC), during which some of the major innovations of human history occurred. The domestication of plants and animals, for example, led to both new economics and a new relationship between people and the world, an increase in community size and permanence, a massive development of material culture and new social and ...

  5. 1930s - Wikipedia › wiki › 1930s

    The 1930s (pronounced "nineteen-thirties", commonly abbreviated as the " Thirties ") was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1, 1930, and ended on December 31, 1939. It was the fourth decade of the 20th century. The decade was defined by a global economic and political crisis that culminated in the Second World War.

  6. List of architectural styles - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_architectural_styles

    Most architecture can be classified as a chronology of styles which change over time reflecting changing fashions, beliefs and religions, or the emergence of new ideas, technology, or materials which make new styles possible. Styles therefore emerge from the history of a society and are documented in the subject of architectural history. At any ...

  7. History of architecture - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_Southeast_Asian

    Art Deco Complete: The Definitive Guide to the Decorative Arts of the 1920s and 1930s. Abrams. ISBN 978-0-8109-8046-4. Copplestone, Trewin. (ed). (1963). World architecture – An illustrated history. Hamlyn, London. Hitchcock, Henry-Russell, The Pelican History of Art: Architecture : Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Penguin Books, 1958.

  8. Art Deco - Wikipedia › wiki › Art_Deco

    The 1930s bring a new fashion brought by a newer generation which echoes in the cinema, theater, dancing styles, art and architecture. Bucharest during the 1930s was marked by more and more art deco architecture from the bigger boulevards like Magheru street to the private houses and smaller neighborhoods.

  9. Architecture of Chicago - Wikipedia › wiki › Architecture_of_Chicago

    The buildings and architecture of Chicago have influenced and reflected the history of American architecture.The built environment of Chicago is reflective of the city's history and multicultural heritage, featuring prominent buildings in a variety of styles by many important architects.

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