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  1. Todd Standing is a Bigfoot Researcher, Documentarian Film Director, Wilderness Expert & Tracker. The image you see above was taken from a video recorded by Todd. This is an actual image of a Sasquatch. The footage was shot at a far off distance by Todd using state-of-the-art video recording equipment. This Sasquatch is what Todd refers to as a ...

  2. Dec 6, 2023 · In recent years, the debate surrounding Todd Standing's documentary, "Discovering Bigfoot," has captured the attention of both Bigfoot enthusiasts and skeptics. This article delves into the ongoing controversy, examines historical precedents of hoaxes and their impact on scientific credibility, and explores the arguments for and against the authenticity of Standing's film.

  3. Feb 13, 2024 · Todd Standing's Bigfoot Journey: From Skeptic to Believer and Brews Event. A recent video posted on YouTube by the channel "uNcomfortable podcast" features an interview with Todd Standing, a well-known figure in the Bigfoot community. In the video, Standing discusses his experiences and research into the elusive creature, sharing his passion ...

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  5. Mar 22, 2017 · of Todd Standing's Sasquatch evidence supported by world renowned experts. For over 10 years he has been working tow...

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  6. Todd Standing. Todd Standing has been conducting expeditions, documenting chronicles and interviewing people pertaining to the subject of Sasquatch for over 15 years. In 2006 he publicly showed 2 separate crystal clear Bigfoot videos he himself filmed which he used to petition the Canadian government for species protection of Bigfoot.

  7. Dec 18, 2022 · Standing of Discovering Bigfoot talks about Survivorman filming a Sasquatch with ...

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  8. Discovering Bigfoot: Directed by Todd Standing. With John Bindernagel, Jeffrey Meldrum, Todd Standing. Reality Entertainment and The Sylvanic Cooperation presents "Discovering Bigfoot."

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