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  1. Consistent, lasting trading success cannot be obtained without a Trade Plan. Developing a trade plan that can be proven within reason to have a positive expectancy is an absolute must for any trader. All resources at Alexander Trading are directed toward this end.

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  2. Free Intro Course on Market Profile & Auction Market Trading by Tom Alexander Sign Up For Tom’s Free Course This is a brief crash course into the only valid way to trade “Market Profile”, created by professional trader Tom Alexander (36 years experience).

    • Introduction to eSignal Market Profile graphing tool by Tom Alexander.
    • Using Market Profile® as the Base Methodology for Your Trading Plan
    • Welcome To Alexander Trading
    • Auction Market Trading and the Market Profile® Graph
  3. Practical Trading Applications of Market Profile: Tom ...

    Jan 16, 2009 · Tom Alexander is a veteran screen-based futures trader with over 25-years experience trading futures, commodities, stocks and options. He is a trading educator and well-respected trading mentor. He is frequently published in trading industry publications on the topic of valid trading methodologies.

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    To teach traders and investors a statistically sound approach to trading and investing using Auction Market concepts and the effective use of the Market Prof...

  5. Tom Alexander – New Foundations For Auction Market Trading ...

    May 08, 2019 · Course, Trading, 2014, Tom Alexander, New Foundations, Auction Market. Tom Alexander - New Foundations for Auction Market Trading Course ( New Foundations is a six part, comprehensive and intense course in trading auction market concepts / market profile.

  6. Alexander Trading - futures io

    I wanna ask if any of you experienced Live update room from Alexander Trading, and if yes what are you're thoughts and impressions about it? I had a free trial and it was looking promissing, I did'nt subscribed to it, but I'm thinking. He's having a different aproach to the markets, based on market delta and some breadth indicators.

  7. Using Market Profile as the Basis for a ... - Dimensione Trading

    Presented by Tom Alexander ... given level during the trading day 5. It is logical and is based on natural market development. 3 The Market Profile Based Trade Plan 1.

  8. Tom Hayes (trader) - Wikipedia

    Tom Hayes is a former trader for UBS and Citigroup who was sentenced to 14 years in prison (reduced to 11 years on appeal) for dishonestly driving manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (), a bank reported interest rate, to enhance his trading results.