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  1. Jul 12, 2006 · Instead, the conference was about setting up a business plan for about 1 day (Joe), second day was Tom simply repeating what I have already read and now and use for trading. The third day had us listen to Doug (the psychologist) for about 2 hrs and then go over more rehashed MP stuff from Tom. The morning of the 4th and last day, we turned the ...

  2. Jul 12, 2006 · That's what makes a market. I'm not anonymous, I'm easily accessible, and I am confident any critically thinking person can do some homework outside our little repartee and come to a satisfactory conclusion, at least regarding the veracity of what I say. Tom Alexander. #22 Jan 8, 2007. Share.

  3. Jul 12, 2006 · I have heard that Tom is an active member of Al Queda, and has blown up several buildings recently in the San Diego area. I am wondering if anyone is going to attend his seminar the following week, where he shows Al Queda hopefuls how to blow up a variety of buildings, how to mistreat household pets, and how to push old ladies out of the way at the supermarket.

  4. Apr 20, 2009 · The one site I have found to be able to present and teach MP in english is value zone trading. They have a full suite of indicators - trading room and webinars. Good place to get grounding in MP.

  5. To my understanding they are using a lot of Don Jones' stuff, as I think he will probably die soon and is passing the proverbial torch. I took the parts Cisco course a while back and learned some very good info that I have integrated into my is very academic and very blinky lights, metrosexuals with faux hawks and argyle sweaters, or chat rooms or any of the "cool ...

  6. Mar 27, 2022 · grayopogo said: It doesn’t surprise me when people are negative about trading. I’m more surprised when someone shows interest in it or says good things about trading. We all are surrounded by regular people who are busy earning through conventional methods and we can’t expect them to understand something that they have never done.

  7. Jun 26, 2022 · tango29 said: Again, Google it, he has won documented trading contests, and taught his daughter to trade and she placed in a contest years later. Correct. Larry and his daughter have the two highest returns ever in that trading competition. #20 Jun 27, 2022.

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