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  1. Tom Hardy Says He's 'Paying the Price' for His Bane Body ...

    Tom Hardy knows a thing or two about body transformations. He also knows they aren’t easy. Over his career, the Academy Award-nominated actor added slabs of muscle to play a mixed martial arts...

    • Matthew Jussim
  2. Christopher Nolan: Critics Don’t Appreciate Tom Hardy’s Bane ...

    Dec 14, 2020 · Case in point: Nolan said during a recent interview on MTV’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast (via NME) that Tom Hardy ’s performance as the villain Bane in “ The Dark Knight Rises ” has yet to be...

  3. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - Tom Hardy as Bane - IMDb

    Tom Hardy: Bane. Showing all 84 items Jump to: Photos (60) Quotes (24) Photos . 37 more photos Quotes . Bane ...

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  4. 24 Wild Details About Tom Hardy's Bane That Fans Choose To Ignore
    • Ben Sherlock
    • He’s shorter than Batman. Batman is a big, beefy, formidable presence. The Joker was a small, scrawny guy. He wasn’t a physical threat to Batman – he was a psychological threat.
    • Bane’s master plan is incredibly vague. The Dark Knight got away with its villain having an overly convoluted plan, because the Joker was an agent of chaos who just wanted to watch the world burn.
    • His passing is disappointingly unspectacular. Despite the intense rivalry that grows between Bane and Batman and the fact that Bane raises an army, turns people against each other, and essentially brings on a whole new French Revolution confined within Gotham City, he has a disappointingly unceremonious passing.
    • He plucked a five-month period out of thin air. Bane’s plan involves five months of holding everyone in Gotham City hostage. He just kicked back for five months while their spirits were broken.
  5. Dec 10, 2020 · Tom Hardy’s Bane Had A Surprising Inspiration In ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Director Christopher Nolan has Bane there, done that.

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  7. Tom Hardy Based His Version of Bane on Christopher Nolan

    Tom Hardy maintains that Bane is somehow based on me, but in Tom’s mind there’s some very complex interweaving of impulses and influences that somehow I have a voice in. I think it’s ...

    • Spencer Perry
  8. 20 Surprising Facts About Tom Hardy's Bane Even True Fans Don ...

    Tom Hardy isn't exactly small or weak but Bane is just that buff. For Tom Hardy to play Bane he needed to put on some serious weight. In preparing for his role as Bane Tom Hardy put on 30 pounds of pure muscle in a very short amount of time. This is a lot for anyone in Hollywood but especially for the aging Tom Hardy.

    • Zack Stevens
    • The Bane Voice Inspiration
      The Bane Voice Inspiration
      As mentioned before Bane's voice is quite controversial and was even unintelligible at one point in time. However, Tom Hardy spoke on the choice to use that voice and said that he was inspired by an Irish boxer known as Bartley Gorman.
    • Bane's Red Hood Cameo
      Bane's Red Hood Cameo
      There are many hidden easter eggs of sorts in the Dark Knight Trilogy. For example at the end of the first film in the trilogy Commissioner Gordon finds a playing card that reveals the Joker.
    • Covering Up Hardy's Tattoos
      Covering Up Hardy's Tattoos
      Tom Hardy has a lot of tattoos. Mostly on his arms going down his torso. Most pictures of him without a shirt on will reveal just how many tattoos he is rocking.
  9. Bane (Nolanverse) | Batman Wiki | Fandom

    Tom Hardy has described Bane as "brutal". "He's a big dude who's incredibly clinical, in the fact that he has a result-based and oriented fighting style. It's not about fighting.

  10. The Press-Up 'Matrix' Tom Hardy Used to Bulk Up for Bane

    One of which was that of Hollywood legend Tom Hardy who, as you'll know (unless you've been self-isolating under a rock) transformed his body for his role as Charles Bronson in 2009's Bronson and...

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