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    Enjoy our warped take on film & TV with a steady stream of pop-culture parody, original series, thoughtful commentary, and whatever we can think of next. All times Pacific Standard Time (Los ...

  2. Honest Trailers: TMNT II: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE Honest Trailers: DIVERGENT Honest Trailers: GREEN LANTERN Honest...

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    • The Happening. What’s happening? So many people in this movie talk about something happening. But no one really knows what’s happening. Some of the best bits of the Honest Trailer: the discussion about Mark Wahlberg giving a “Donnie Wahlberg-level performance” as a science teacher who’s “so inquisitive, he phrases everything like a question.”
    • Every Wes Anderson Movie. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more incisive sizzle reel of Anderson-isms in one place. The quirky indie director is one of the most innately recognizable auteurs in cinema history.
    • Honest Trailers – Honest Trailers (Written by a Robot) As indicated by the title, a robot wrote this. However, the way the creative team cut together footage to match the irreverent AI script is absolutely brilliant.
    • Mission: Impossible. YouTube features all kinds of fun-poking content at the Mission: Impossible franchise, but this Honest Trailers outline of the first four films is quite something to soak in.
  3. May 5, 2021 · It's available to watch on YouTube for free, complete with rearranged plot, reconsidered special effects, and considerably fewer aliens. Blind Fury Samuel Goldwyn/YouTube 1989 was a different...

    • Movieclips. Los Angeles, CA. The Fandango MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. We are HUGE movie fans. We love films so much, that our genome team has gone through hundreds of movies to pick out the best moments, scenes, and famous lines from all of your favorite films.
    • MOVIECLIPS Trailers. Los Angeles, CA, US. The Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailers channel is your destination for hot new trailers the second they drop. The Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailers team is here day and night to make sure all the hottest new movie trailers are available whenever you want them.
    • Looper. US. Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes.
    • Screen Rant | Movie and TV. US. ScreenRant is one of the fastest growing channels on Youtube. We make list videos of Movie and TV facts on a regular basis.
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