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  1. 1 a (1) : the highest point, level, or part of something : summit, crown (2) : a garment worn on the upper body (3) : the head of a plant especially : the aboveground part of a plant having edible roots beet tops (4) : the head or top of the headused especially in the phrase top to toe b (1) : the highest or uppermost region or part (2)

  2. Definition of top 1 as in highest being at a point or level higher than all others an office in the top story of the building the top student in our graduating class Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance highest upper higher topmost uppermost first loftiest head upmost leading dominant dominant supreme maximum foremost predominant loftier principal

  3. pertaining to, situated at, or forming the top; highest; uppermost; upper: the top shelf. highest in degree; greatest: to pay top prices. verb (used with object), topped, top·ping. to furnish with a top; put a top on. to be at or constitute the top of. SEE MORE DEFINITIONS OTHER WORDS FOR top 1 zenith, acme, peak, pinnacle, vertex. 34 lop, shear.

  4. The Help (2011) 248. Aladdin (1992) 249. Gandhi (1982) 250. Rififi (1955) The Top Rated Movie list only includes feature films. The list is ranked by a formula which includes the number of ratings each movie received from users, and value of ratings received from regular users.

  5. Jan 25, 2023 · top (adj.) "being at the top," 1590s, from top (n.1). Top dollar "high price" is from 1942. Top-drawer (1920) is from British expression out of the top drawer "upper-class." Top ten in popular music is from 1945 ("Billboard"). The top dog is the one uppermost in a fight, from 1868 in figurative use, opposed to the underdog.

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