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  1. Columbus Towers or Torres de Colón is a highrise office building composed of twin towers located at the Plaza de Colón in Madrid, Spain. The building constructed in 1976 was designed by the architect Antonio Lamela . The building with its 116-meter height and 23 floors is the twelfth-tallest in the Spanish capital (counting the CTBA towers).

    • 1968
    • Office
  2. Oct 18, 2021 · Information These twin skyscrapers, located in the Plaza de Colón, were built by architect Antonio Lamela in 1976, using a different approach and commencing construction with the highest floors. The towers were built around a central concrete skeleton anchored to the ground, and each of the 23 floors of these two buildings were then 'hung' onto it.

  3. Torres De Colon are a set of twin towers with a difference. They are literally different from any other type of tower. They were built in 1976 and were partly built from top to bottom! They are in fact quite interesting architecturally, but being located in the commercial centre of Madrid, nothing is deemed strange.

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    • Calle de Genova 2, Madrid, 28004
  4. Las Torres de Colón o Torres Colón a (anteriormente Torres de Jerez) es un rascacielos de oficinas de 117 metros de altura y 23 plantas ubicado en la plaza de Colón de Madrid ( España ).

  5. Tallest office building in Madrid from 1976 to 1989, when it was then surpassed by Torre Picasso. Building is under deep renovation works that will remove the green top. This renovation will also add several floors to the building and a new external core with emergency stairs and elevators.

    • Calle Genova 31, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
  6. Oct 18, 2021 · Torres de Colón Información Mapa Información Estos dos rascacielos gemelos, ubicados en la plaza de Colón, fueron construidos por el arquitecto Antonio Lamela en 1976, quien utilizó una solución diferente a la habitual, comenzando a construir las torres desde sus pisos más altos.

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