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    The Community of Agglomeration of Greater Toulouse (Communauté d'agglomération du Grand Toulouse) was created in 2001 to better coordinate transport, infrastructure and economic policies between the city of Toulouse and its immediate independent suburbs. It succeeds a previous district which had been created in 1992 with fewer powers than the ...

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    The city was the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom in the 5th century. It was the capital of the old French province of Languedoc before provinces were abolished during the French Revolution. "Languedoc" is a contraction of Linguae Occitanae (Latin). Then it included Roussillon, and was the unofficial capital of the cultural region of Occitania (Southern France). It is now the capital of the Occitanie region, the largest region in metropolitan France.

    The city of Toulouse is along the Garonne river, 150 kilometres (93 miles) from the Mediterranean Sea, 230 km (143 mi) from the Atlantic Ocean, and 680 km (420 mi) from Paris. The commune has an area of 118.3 km2 (45.7 sq mi), and its average altitude is 189 m (620 ft); at the city hall, the altitude is 146 m (479 ft).

    The inhabitants of Toulouse are known, in French, as Toulousains (women: Toulousaines). Toulouse has a population, in 2014, of 466,297, for a population density of 3,941.6 inhabitants/km2.

    Toulouse is the prefecture of the Haute-Garonne department, the capital of the arrondissement of Toulouse and the administrative centre (French: chef-lieu) of 11 cantons: 1. Toulouse-1 : part of Toulouse with 54,307 inhabitants (2014) 2. Toulouse-2 : part of Toulouse with 55,397 inhabitants (2014) 3. Toulouse-3 : part of Toulouse with 52,536 inhabitants (2014) 4. Toulouse-4 : part of Toulouse with 52,753 inhabitants (2014) 5. Toulouse-5 : part of Toulouse with 45,521 inhabitants (2014) 6. Toulouse-6 : part of Toulouse with 55,866 inhabitants (2014) 7. Toulouse-7 : 3 communes + part of Toulouse with 57,622 inhabitants (2014) 8. Toulouse-8 : 1 commune + part of Toulouse with 60,233 inhabitants (2014) 9. Toulouse-9 : 2 communes + part of Toulouse with 54,205 inhabitants (2014) 10. Toulouse-10 : 9 communes + part of Toulouse with 56,446 inhabitants (2014) 11. Toulouse-11 : 1 commune + part of Toulouse with 48,078 inhabitants (2014) It is part of the intercommunality Metropolitan Toulous...

    Toulouse welcomes the Cité de l'espace dedicated to space exploration and Aeroscopiadedicated to aviation.

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    Toulouse (pronoonced [tuluz] ( listen) in staundart French an [tuˈluzə] ( listen) wi a Toulouse accent; Occitan: Tolosa, pronounced [tuˈluzɔ], primarily Tholoza) is a ceety in Occitanie, soothwast Fraunce on the banks o the River Garonne, 590 km (366 mi) away frae Paris an hauf-way atween the Atlantic Ocean an the Mediterranean Sea.

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  3. The County of Toulouse ( Occitan: Comtat de Tolosa) was a territory in southern France consisting of the city of Toulouse and its environs, ruled by the Count of Toulouse from the late 9th century until the late 13th century. The territory is the center of a region known as Occitania .

  4. Toulouse bénéficie d'un ensoleillement supérieur à 2 000 heures par an en moyenne [23]. Toulouse fut frappée par une tornade le 15 mai 1980 vers 20 h 15. La tornade s'était formée sur l'aéroport de Blagnac avant de continuer en direction de Toulouse pour finir sa course vers le quartier de Casselardit, près de Purpan.

  5. The Count of Toulouse (Occitan: comte de Tolosa, French: comte de Toulouse) was the ruler of Toulouse during the 8th to 13th centuries. Originating as vassals of the Frankish kings, the hereditary counts ruled the city of Toulouse and its surrounding county from the late 9th century until 1270.

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