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  1. Apr 21, 2011 · Chinese wedding invitations wording are vertical and read from right to left. Information for the groom will be presented first before information of the bride. The chinese wedding invitation will include the following information as a minimum: – the Gregorian calendar and chinese calendar dates, if available, for the wedding banquet,

  2. These beautiful Chinese wedding invitation designs are the perfect cards to send to your guests to announce your wedding. They feature classic traditional Chinese wedding symbols such as the double happiness character, phoenix and dragons, and the lucky colors red and gold. Designed by Print for Love Designed by Paper Rose Wedding

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    • Red Invitation Envelopes
    • Wedding Cake Cards - For The Bride's Family
    • Red Packets (Optional) - For The Groom’S Family
    • Addressing The relatives and Guests
    • Information to Include
    • More to Love

    Unlike Western wedding invitations, which are usually stuffed in regular letter envelopes, Chinese wedding invitations are sent out in red envelopes. Moreover, the invitation envelopes are embossed with a “double happiness”“囍”signto make a proud announcement of the upcoming wedding.

    Wedding cake cards are essential in Chinese wedding invitations for the bride’s guests. Traditionally, wedding cakes were sent to the bride’s family from the groom’s as a part of the engagement gift. The more wedding cakes the bride’s family received, the more it symbolized that the bride was marrying into an affluent family. The bride’s family wou...

    While the bride’s family will typically include the wedding cake cards along with the invitations, the groom’s family will usually send a red packet to their guests. The red packetis filled with cash as a gift to the guests. This unique custom originated from a Chinese virtue – ‘Courtesy demands reciprocity’. It means when someone receives kindness...

    When writing Chinese wedding invitations, addressing the guests properly is the most important step, because it is the first thing that the guest will see on the invitation envelope. In order to leave a good impression and show respect, especially to the elders, using honorifics is a good idea. For example, when addressing your uncle in the invitat...

    Chinese wedding invitations should include the following information: 1. The title and name of the guest 2. The wedding date in both Gregorian Calendar and Lunar Calendar 3. Names of the bride and groom 4. The wedding and reception venue address 5. Time of the wedding and reception 6. The table number (optional) 7. RSVP card and envelope (optional)...

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  4. Apr 21, 2011 · 1. For chinese wedding invitations, the guest name is written on the envelope only. The guest’s formal title will be used. Family friends and relatives are invited by the groom’s or bride’s parents. Only the groom’s and bride’s friends are invited by the young couple. 2.

  5. No colour epitomises Chinese wedding invitations quite like vibrant, eye catching red - mix it with gold, white or black and you have a winning combination. While traditional Chinese wedding invitations can be great, there’s no need to feel boxed in when choosing wedding stationery. Modern Chinese style wedding invitations can incorporate ...

  6. Jan 19, 2015 · Should I mention both 拜堂 and 奉茶 on the Chinese wedding invitation since they will be done (in the morning) at a different time than the rest of the wedding? So, if I try to follow the traditional Chinese format with my modifications, I think I would have something like this: 謹訂於 西曆 二零一五年 六月 七 日(星期六) 農曆 乙未 年 四月 二十一日 為 長男 陳曉明 長女 張秀英 舉行結婚典禮

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