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    • Banana Sushi. This Japanese-inspired dessert combines bananas, chocolate, and pistachios to make one heavenly bite. It may not be authentic wagashi, but it sure is yummy.
    • Purin. Purin is the Japanese version of crème caramel. It’s rich, creamy, and impossible to resist. Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we'll send the recipe straight to your inbox!
    • Coffee Jelly. Cubes of coffee-flavored jelly swimming in thick sweetened cream: that’s what I call the perfect combination. Coffee jelly makes me happy.
    • Green Tea Cookies. Crisp and buttery with a distinct matcha flavor, green tea cookies are to die for! Matcha, or green tea powder, has been used in Japanese cooking for ages, but its worldwide fame has only recently begun.
    • Mochi. Mochi are a fundamental ingredient of Japanese desserts. They are also a dessert on their own. For example,...
    • Daifuku. Daifuku are pockets of mochi with various sweet fillings. They are as common as cake in Japan.
    • Dorayaki. Castella pancakes sandwiched together with anko. In many cases, other ingredients such as chestnuts,...
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    Dango (Sweet Japanese Dessert)
    A traditional sweet Japanese dessert (slightly Westernized).
    Sang Khaya Lapov (Pumpkin Custard Dessert)
    Sangkhaya lapov is a traditional Cambodian dessert usually made during festivals. It is usually pumpkin stuffed with egg custard, but this recipe has a japanese twist: matcha flavour custard.
    Tangyuan with Peanut Filling
    Food Network
    Tangyuan, or chewy rice balls, are traditionally eaten as a dessert during the family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve. Each bowl of tangyuan symbolizes unity; and the smoothness of each ball represents how smooth the family's year will be. The rice balls have a soft and slightly bouncy texture and a sweet surprise in the center. The traditional filling for tangyuan is made with black sesame seeds, but we chose a less typical version--a sweet, nutty and luscious peanut filling. Kneading in a small amount of cooked rice ball (very similar to a flour paste used for Japanese milk bread) helps to lock in moisture and make the wrapping process easier. Tangyuan are usually white, but we couldn't resist the eye-catching effect of tinting a batch pink and arranging them like petals around a single white ball.
    • Hanami dango. Hanami dango are sweet mochi rice dumplings on a skewer, and each of them has a different color – pink is...
    • Shio daifuku. Shio daifuku is a traditional Japanese confectionery which consists of chewy mochi shells filled with...
    • Ikinari dango. Typically served warm, the chewy ikinari dango is a Japanese...
    • Anmitsu. Anmitsu is a Japanese parfait, created from agar-agar jelly. The agar is melted in water or fruit juice to create the gelatin. It is served in the bowl with anko, peas, and a variety of fruits such as peaches, pineapples, cherries, and satsuma orange.
    • Daifuku. Daifuku is a wagashi dessert made of mochi balls, normally stuffed with anko. They are covered in corn or potato starch to keep them from sticking together and are around three centimeters, or about the size of your palm.
    • Dango. If dango looks familiar, it's because it has an emoji. Dango is a wagashi that is made from mochiko, a rice flour similar to mochi. Three or four of these balls are placed on a skewer.
    • Dorayaki. Doarayki is anko paste between two castella pancakes. Castella is a type of sponge cake that was brought to Japan from Portugal in the 16th century and continues to be popular today.
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    • Japanese Cheesecake. Japanese cheesecake, called soufflé cheesecake in Japan (and elsewhere Japanese cotton cake, or jiggly cake), is a light and bouncy confection to delight cheesecake lovers.
    • Japanese Coffee Jelly. Japanese coffee jelly (or kohii zerii) is a fun and unique coffee creation popular in Japan since the 1960s, when it was inspired by the popularity of British and American gelatin desserts.
    • Dorayaki (Japanese Sweet-Filled Pancakes) In Japan, dorayaki is a much-loved treat for kids and adults alike. It's made of two smallish, American-style pancakes, sandwiched together with a sweet-meets-savory red bean paste, and eaten hot or cold.
    • Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream. If you've ever wound up at a Japanese restaurant with a bowl of green tea ice cream, you may have wondered how you could enjoy the sweet and refreshing treat at home.
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