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    Roman emperor from AD 98 to 117

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  1. Trajan's Forum (Latin: Forum Traiani; Italian: Foro di Traiano) was the last of the Imperial fora to be constructed in ancient Rome. The architect Apollodorus of Damascus oversaw its construction.

  2. A massive architectural complex—referred to as the Forum of Trajan (Latin: Forum Traiani or, less commonly, Forum Ulpium) was devoted to Trajan’s career and, in particular, his great military successes in his wars against Dacia (now Romania).

  3. Jul 22, 2021 · The Forum of Trajan, or ‘Foro di Traiano’, in Rome was built by the Emperor Trajan from 107 AD, then inaugurated in 112 AD. Trajan, who reigned from 98 to 117 AD, built his magnificent Forum of Trajan after emerging victorious from several military campaigns, particularly the conquest of Dacia .

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  5. Trajan’s form, known in Latin as Forum Traiani, is a forum designed by the Roman emperor Trajan. It is part of the vast complex of the Imperial Forums in Rome. Its construction, carried out between 107 and 112 was performed by the architect Apollodorus of Damascus.

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  6. Jan 28, 2022 · Nestled in the heart of Rome’s ancient district, Trajan’s Forum (Forum Traiani) – where you’ll find Trajan’s Market as well as Trajan’s Column – is the largest and best-preserved of the Imperial Forums.

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